I wanted to give my six month old daughter something to wear that was as unique and original as she was. I came up with the ideas while watching the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  I had seen other families recreate the characters from the book/film, but I had not seen anyone take the literal approach. And thus the idea started to take form.

The costume is made up of seat cushion filler, yarn and tulle. I created a white tutu first then added the seat cushion filler to each layer of the tutu. The meatballs are made up of yarn as well as the spaghetti.

Everyone loved her in it and received high uniqueness points. My daughter loved the costume too because it kept her warm and snuggled while on during trick or treating. It was easy to make, took just a few hours to create and cost under $30 with all the materials.