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Clever BP Oil Spill Costume

I worked as a financial planner at a college out of town from 2006 through 2010. Every year we always dressed up in Halloween costumes to entertain our students who happened to be there on that day for classes. Well, SOMEHOW, in 2010 I forgot all about wearing a costume for work. I guess I just had too much on my mind at the time, and was really bummed out when I realize that I was one of the very few staff or faculty members who DID NOT dress up for Halloween that day :(

I sat at my desk trying desperately to come up with something so I wouldn’t feel so left out. Then I got this crazy idea…  I got up, left my office and began looking through the building to find our maintenance man so I could ask him for one of those huge black trash bags he uses to dump all the other trash containers into as he goes around to collect our garbage. Well I finally found him and after explaining my intentions he just looked at me, laughed, and handed me the bag :)

So I quickly get back to my desk, turn the trashbag upside down, and cut out 3 holes big enough for my head & both arms to go through. Next I starting printing a few photos off the internet of different types of fish. I cut them out, took a black marker and drew X’s on all the eyes, &  taped them in random spots on my trashbag dress, making sure to tape a couple of them upside down as if they were floating on their backs. I then printed a BP Oil Logo to tape to the top of my trash bag on my chest so it was easily visible.

Now remember this was in October 2010 that I came up with this ides, and the actual BP Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico had just happened a few months before this. At first I thought I may possibly offend someone with my costume, but it actually got GREAT REVIEWS. Once people realize exactly what I was dressed as, I got huge laughs for the remainder of that day :) Here are just a few of the comments I received when this photo was posted to facebook:

“Lisa, that is one of the most pull it out of your hoo haa, wait til the last minute, and BEST costumes I’ve seen… Even better than your “Smarty Pants” costume.. NICE!”

“Too funny!”

“I think you’ve had a brain spill!!!!”

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