Classic Frankenstein Monster Costume

My boyfriend Josh hosted a Halloween party this year and wanted to go for the Boris Karloff version of the Monster  (I went as Betty Boop but I don’t think my costume came out nearly as well as his). He bought a tight jacket, old dark pants and chunky black boots from Goodwill. He used scissors to cut the sleeves shorter randomly cut up the lapels and distress all the edges.

Then he took black shoe polish and smudged in a couple scuff marks, and used a Sharpie to draw stitches wherever it looked cool. He blow dried his hair as tall as possible and sprayed it black. For the makeup, he combed glue stick in his eyebrows, put zombie gray cream makeup on his face and arms, black shadow for under-eye bags and sunken cheeks, eyeliner marker to stain lips and draw stitches and lines and he was ready to go. He had a blast greeting guests at the door!

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