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Classic 1st Generation My Little Pony Wind Whistler Costume

To start the 1980’s television and toy version of My Little Pony Wind Whistler, I found a cute blue knee length dress at Good Will. I then used puffy paint to paint on her symbol of three pink whistles and two blue whistles after reviewing some images online. I found some pieces of heavy felt from Walmart that was a bright blue color and cut three large pieces in the shape of wings.

I then outlined each of the shapes with a darker blue sharpie then over lapped them and hot glued them together. I then attached a strip of extra felt in the same color in a circle at the base. I threaded two blue stretchy ribbons I got on sale at Michael’s and tied them to the base straps to complete the wings. I bought two cheap pink wigs from the Walmart for a couple bucks a piece and attached one with a safety pin to the dress at the base of my back.

I then used a pair of light blue tights I had lying around and ordered a pair of blue fuzzy leg warmers from Spirit to complete the pony look. Lastly I made the ears by taking the extra pieces of felt I used for the wings, outlining them in the darker blue sharpie as well and cutting them in ovalish shape then hot gluing the edges together and hot gluing those pieces to a pink hair clip that matched the wig.

Finally I did my makeup in bright blue colors and filled in my eyebrows with a pink eye shadow to complete the look.

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