Our family always dresses with a theme. Pirates, Harry Potter characters, etc. This year I picked our favorite city- Philadelphia! I was Betsy Ross, my husband was the Comcast Center, our youngest was an Eagles player and my 6 year old was… Rocky Balboa! He is very enthusiastic and loves costumes as much as I do so it is so easy and fun to dress him in an over the top fashion for Halloween! I showed him many pictures of Rocky and a few movie snippets and let him pick the look he liked best. He went with the yellow and black “Italian Stallion” style. I thought I was getting off easy but it was deceptively difficult because there were so many pieces!

Starting from the bottom up, we found the perfect boxing/wrestling style Adidas shoe at a children’s consignment shop. The tall socks are youth soccer socks from Wal-Mart. The satin-looking boxers are just a pair of reversible summer sports shorts he already had from Old Navy with a piece of yellow duct tape at the waist that says (neatly, in Sharpie) “ROCKY”. The muscle shirt was tracked down at a costume shop and was the only “costly” item at $16! It is so funny, though, and I think we can find use for it again with other costumes.

He wore a tan/beige long sleeve shirt underneath because it was scratchy but he was otherwise pretty cozy in this get-up! The wig is a “70’s man” wig from the costume shop that we spray painted. He was such a sport to wear it for hours without complaint! The robe was made of a very soft black fleece and was just resized down from last year’s Severus Snape costume that I made for my husband. I altered it with scissors and hot glue. Easy! I added yellow duct tape trim and faux pockets.

The most labor intensive part was cutting out the letters and horse head for the back and gluing each one down. The result was 100% worth the effort! We topped it all off with a gold chain, a little faux bruising, a bloody nose and boxing gloves ordered on Amazon. Voila! Rocky Balboa in the flesh. We dressed up 4 times during Halloween week so he was able to wear it all over town and he had quite a few fans rooting for him. He practiced lines like “Yo Adrian” and “I’m Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion” in his best low and mumbly voice. He was a hit. Pun intended!