Was entirely too busy preparing daughters costume to do anything for myself. So, while at dollar store I grabbed 3 pieces of poster board totaling $1.50. Two white pieces for heads and one red for dynamite. Since it was Halloween time, I was able to find a “ball and chain” prop. I went home, made 2 cones out of poster board, and cut accordingly to face, and taped.  I then drew the two eyes and cut holes in them and taped a small square or screen from a broken house screen i’ve been needing to throw away. I then wrapped a roll of paper towels in red poster board, cut, and taped. Painted “TNT” on and inserted pipecleaner in end (with a little red glitter on end) for fuse. Yanked the chain off the ball and chain I had got; painted “Acme Bomb” on, and twisted another pipe cleaner on for fuse. Rounded up white jacket, jeans, and shoes for white spy with black button up (had to spray paint straw hat with white paint). Did the same for the black spy; black jacket, pants, shoes, hat, and white button up. Voila!!! Spy vs. Spy for me and my best friend! It looked GREAT!! And everyone who knew what Spy vs. Spy was…LOVED IT!!!