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Cool DIY Mae West Costumes and Lot’s of Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

I can really only claim the bottom portion of this costume and head piece as a “home made” costume. The top is from a lingerie store. I wanted a luxurious look that would turn heads but still have some class. I wanted a cheap Halloween costume but in the end it wasn’t so cheap at all! Total Spent: $150

Cheap Halloween costume by Cristeena C., Muncie, IN

Mae West Cheap Halloween Costume

Good plus size costumes are hard to find. When you do find them, they are hideous and over priced. I am a plus size female bartender and we like to have the somewhat sexy costumes too! I have always wanted to be Mae West, a large Mae West, hmm… for some reason I just thought I could pull it off.

I started by looking through my closet, and there it was, a horrible black and white leopard dress that I knew I would never wear; that’s a start. Off to Walmart, where I bought some black taffeta, 3 yards at $1 a yard, 4 yards of white netting at 57 cents a yard, and some elastic that I paid $1 for.

I cut the straps off the top, folded the material over, sewed it, threaded elastic, sewed that, and tacked a black boa on. I then cut the bottom of the dress off, gathered taffeta and netting, sewed it on, and that’s how I made the sexy dress.

I then took an old hat, cut a circle from cardboard and another in center, hot glued the cardboard circle to the hat, and spray-painted it black. Then I glued 2 boas on it to achieve a beautiful hat.

Mae West Cheap Halloween Costume

I borrowed vintage jewelry and gloves. I had a leftover Halloween wig, which I used for hair. I also got boas at Hobby Lobby- 3 for $12. I had a sexy cheap Halloween costume, a little time, but nothing difficult, and all for around $25. It looked much better than any I had looked at to buy and I had fun making it. Everyone in the bar that night was snapping my photo, I truly felt like a star!

Total Spent: $25

Mae West Cheap Halloween Costume

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