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Cheap and Easy Catdog Couple Halloween Costume

We made the sign out of a foam board from Jo-ann’s. We had to use an exacto knife to cut it like a puzzle so we could be connected when standing near each other but that we could walk around away from each other. The signs were tied with a soft cotton ribbon so it did not hurt our necks. The writing on the signs we used a stencil that we made from a blown up version of the Catdog sign we found online and we painted it on the sign.

We used an extra large t-shirt and sewed on some oblong looking spots. We cut and tied the shirt to make it fit snugger and sewed the sleeves to be tighter as well. We made the ears with felt and headbands. The whole outfit was made in under ten dollars.

Everyone loved us! We were in so many pictures! Blast from 1990’s cartoon past!

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