Coolest Mummy Costume

Best Mummy Ever

This mummy costume I made for my son Terrell. It wasn’t hard to make but looked as if it was. All I paid for were some glue sticks and some fake bugs from the dollar store. This is how I made it. First I found some old top sheets in my closet, tore them up … Read more

Coolest Severed Head on a Tree Trunk Costume

Homemade  Severed Head on a Tree Trunk Costume

The idea of this Severed Head on a Tree Trunk Costume was to look like a severed head that had been chopped off resting on a tree trunk. We took a big cardboard box and cut the ends off. Then we rolled it and bent it so it conformed to a circular shape instead of … Read more

Creepy Zombie DIY Costume

Homemade Zombie Costume

The homemade Zombie costume was made from a black tunic outfit I found at Goodwill for $6. I purchased 2 yards of thin netting material for $3, I cut a hole out in the center for my head and ripped strips up the front and back of the fabric. I found plastic chains at the … Read more

Coolest Hitchcock Costume – Tippy from The Birds

Tippy from "The Birds" costume

I wanted to make a unique costume that people would recognize, but would stand out from the crowd. I love Alfred Hitchcock so Tippy from “The Birds” was an easy pick. I took a vintage suit from Goodwill, sliced it up, and added coagulated blood for effect. I used a prosthetic eye, to make it … Read more

Devil Costume

My son wanted to be a devil for Halloween, but I wanted to add to it to make him stand out from the rest. I bought a devil costume and then added poster board for flames and put him in the basket. This one was a winner at the Halloween contest. Total Spent: $25  

Skeleton Costume

This skeleton costume was from a pattern from Simplicity. There were 4 different costumes in the pattern and I liked the skeleton the best. I bought the black and white fabric on sale for about $1 per yard. I bought the gloves on a $1.00 table. They were a little big, but they glow in … Read more