Cool DIY Headless Halloween Costume

Homemade Headless Halloween Costume

Michael and I made this Homemade Headless Halloween Costume using a rolling backpack. We duck taped the handles to they would stay upright. We used 2 faucet insulators for shoulders, and duct taped them to either side of the upright handle. We used 2 triangular faucet insulators for the neck and head, and duct taped … Read more

Scary Pregnant Zombie DIY Costume

Scary Pregnant Zombie DIY Costume

We started this scary pregnant zombie DIY costume by blowing up a large balloon and putting paper mache around the balloon… letting the balloon dry for about a week. I cut out a hole in the belly and sprayed in spray Styrofoam into the belly and let it dry… this gives the appearance of guts. … Read more

Bloody Homemade Zombie Costume

Homemade Zombie Costume

Well, from a very young age, I have loved zombie movies, zombie games and just about everything that had the walking undead. So this year I decided to dress up in a Homemade Zombie Costume for Halloween. My costume started with the application of light blue face make up (the kind you add water to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jack and Jill Fell Down a Hill Costume

Homemade Jack and Jill Fell Down a Hill Costume

Jack and Jill are always cute! Not this time. They really fell down a hill! Jill: Dress and white top bought from thrift store, then cut and shredded and rubbed in dirt. Blond wig was bought at a dollar store didn’t need to be perfect! Jack was “impaled” so I got a bucket cut in … Read more

Coolest Magic Trick Gone Wrong Couple Costume

Coolest Magic Trick Gone Wrong Couple Costume 4

My husband and I LOVE Halloween and we like to be really unique with our costumes! This year we decided to be a magician and his assistant – with a twist!! The costume is called “Magic Trick Gone Wrong” and is based off of the famous magic trick of cutting the assistant in half. In … Read more

Kids Halloween Costume – Monster

This kids Halloween costume project began with my son wanting to be a monster. My first thought was how boring is that going to be for a four year old. So with some creativity we came up with a swamp monster. I began this project by dying the clothing (turtle neck sweat pants and gauze) … Read more