Cool Homemade Mummy Halloween Costume

Homemade Mummy Halloween Costume

This Homemade Mummy Halloween Costume was the inspiration came from a Hallmark Halloween ornament. I am a graphic designer and love creating costumes as a creative outlet. I always put extra time into my 3 kids costumes due to a local parade we enter yearly. The mummy was put together with staples and a hot … Read more

Coolest Homemade Vampire’s Feast Group Costume

Homemade Vampire's Feast Group Costume

I was searching around this site last year and decided to do my version of a ‘Head on a Platter’ which could include 3 children in a group costume. I came up with this homemade Vampire’s Feast Group costume. I used a piece of foam core and cut a hole in the center. I had … Read more

Coolest Zombie DIY Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Zombie DIY Halloween Costume Idea

I took some random clothing and put together a schoolgirl outfit, shredded it, threw on some fake blood, ordered some funky contacts, and used eyeshadow to create the whole “sunken eye” effect. A few children screamed and ran from me. I consider that an accomplishment on my Homemade Zombie DIY Halloween Costume Idea. I loved … Read more

Wicked Witch Costume

Wicked Witch Costume

This wicked witch costume was thrown together at the very last minute. I was getting the kids ready to go and decided I wanted to dress up to. The cape is the one I had made for my Professor McGonagall Harry Potter costume. The skirt is one I got cheap at a thrift store and … Read more

Devil Costume

This is the costume that my mom made. It only took her a couple of days. The neck and bottom have a nice fur trim. The tail is made out of pipeline. The horns are just made out of a headband. I received VERY many compliments on this costume. People even want to borrow it … Read more

Witch Costume

This is my Space witch costume. My theory is the bigger and brighter your costume is this more everyone will pay attention to you. For My Space Witch I created a head dress for the added height and a piece to sit on my shoulders for added width. These two items were created out of … Read more