Coolest Homemade Skeleton Costume

Homemade Skeleton Costume

The year my daughter wanted a Skeleton Costume, I was not impressed at all with the store costumes as it involved more cheesey glow in the dark stuff instead of anything even coming close to real. Instead I purchased black sweats, 1/2 a yard of white material, some stitchery witch, a white knit hat, black … Read more

Coolest Hungry Zombie Costume

Homemade Hungry Zombie Costume

I really wanted to do a zombie, but I don’t like the look of fake blood after it dries so I decided not to be a bloody zombie, guess I’m a hungry zombie? I decided my Hungry Zombie Costume had just risen, so I took regular clothes, cut them up and smeared them with red … Read more

Coolest Zombie Princess and Corpse Bride Costumes

Homemade Zombie Princess and Corpse Bride Costumes

I got the outfits for this Homemade Zombie Princess and Corpse Bride Costumes from local thriftshops. I pieced them together one item at a time. For the corpse bride I got an old prom dress, grey turtle neck and veil. I added the flowers and purple ribbon. For the zombie princess I used a Renaissance … Read more

Coolest Child Head Hunter Costume

Coolest Child Head Hunter Costume 76

My 7 year old son decided that instead of getting the same old packaged costume this year – he wanted to be something scary. The body of the child head hunter costume is made of a curtain rod and the spine, chair cushion as the body and fun noodles as the arms. I then wedged … Read more

Grotesque Costume

This grotesque costume of a waitress is easy to make. I purchased a white blouse and black pants at a local thrift store. I purchased the apron and hat online for about $40.00. The wig I had leftover from a witches costume. The rat in my mouth is operated by a toggle switch with your … Read more