Kids Halloween Costume – Monster

My seven year old son had all the ideas for this kids Halloween costume. The costume was easy to make, inexpensive and lots of fun! The idea started with an inexpensive mask purchased at our local grocery store. We bought a green long sleeve T-Shirt, some green mittens and made green pants. My son wanted … Read more

Coolest Homemade Furry Monster Costume

Homemade Furry Monster Costume

My son wanted a Homemade Furry Monster Costume for Halloween. I thought, “No problem. A monster costume should be easy to find”. Oh, how wrong I was! Hours of fruitless internet searches drove me to dig out the sewing machine. It was easy to find a pattern for a basic body suit, but then the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Monster Halloween Costume

Homemade Monster Halloween Costume

This “Homemade Monster Halloween Costume” is 9 ft tall, and has a wing span of 8 feet. It is totally homemade, and a lot of time and care was spent working on it! The pants were made out of fabric from JoAnns Fabric, as well as the cloak. The “hood” that goes over my head … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bobble Head Monster Costume

Homemade Bobble Head Monster Costume

My 4 year old son decided that he wanted a Homemade Bobble Head Monster Costume. We have always made our costumes. I looked at my husband and said good luck figuring this one out. Well things went great after we put our minds together and went through the Halloween items we had on hand. We … Read more

Coolest Homemade Classic Movie Monsters Group Halloween Costumes

Homemade Classic Movie Monsters Group Halloween Costumes

Get a group of great people together, then have fun chasing your damsel and terrorizing your town with these homemade classic movie Monsters Group Halloween costumes! THE MUMMY COSTUME – Materials: Long johns, gray material, shoes, black/white/gray make-up, tissue paper, spirit gum, bald cap and glue gun. Cut strips of gray material long enough to … Read more