Coolest John Deere Tractor Costume

John Deere Tractor Costume

My 3 year son Ean is a tractor fanatic so he wanted to be a tractor, but of course it had to be a John Deere tractor costume, not just any old tractor, for Halloween. I used three cardboard boxes one cut in half and glued on each side of the main box for the … Read more

Coolest Train Crossing Gate Costume

Homemade Train Crossing Gate Costume

My son was obsessed with crossing gates. I came up with this idea for a Train Crossing Gate Costume and he won first place at our park district Halloween party. I took heavy foam board and made the two cross pieces. I used black stickers for the letters and used two sided tape to tape … Read more

Coolest Homemade Monster Truck Costume

Homemade Monster Truck Costume

My 5 year old wanted to be a monster truck for Halloween last year; not wanting to buy something we decided to make are own homemade monster truck costume. I used various sizes of card board boxes; cutting and piecing them until they resembled a truck. He wanted to be a red truck so I … Read more

Coolest Homemade John Deere Costume

Homemade John Deere Costume

my son is two and loves tractors so much I made him a Homemade John Deere Costume for Halloween. I used a medium sized cardboard box and painted it with green paint. I used tap led lights for the head lights so they would really work. I used the side sponge air conditioner insulation for … Read more

Coolest Drag Boat Racing Costume

Coolest Drag Boat Racing Costume

This fall we went to a local drag boat racing competition. My son Brendan, who is 6, loved it. So when Halloween rolled around, he asked if he could be a drag boat for Halloween. Okay. I had some thinking to do. I went to the local hardware store and wandered around to see what … Read more

Airplane Costume

My son was 2 years old and a HUGE airplane fan. I (his dad) was never into Halloween as a kid so coming up with homemade Halloween costume ideas was new to me. It was his first costume that wasn’t store bought and he was only two so we knew his expectations wouldn’t be high … Read more

Tractor Costume

This unique Halloween costume idea is nothing more than recycled cardboard, spray paint, and a pair of suspenders. The headlights were spray paint tops and low voltage lighting bulbs. You will need lots of cardboard, duck tape, and spray paint. Total Spent: $25

Coolest Formula One Transfomer Costume

Homemade Formula One Transfomer Costume

I’m an artist living in Austin, TX who spends every September and October making my kids Halloween costumes. My son wanted to be a Transformer again. As an experiment, I wanted to see if I could motorize his wheels this time and make the costume functional as a car. His body serves as the frame. … Read more

Coolest GraveDigger Monster Truck Costume

GraveDigger Monster Truck Costume

In 2007, my nephew wanted to be Gravedigger more than anything for Halloween so I offered to try and make a gravedigger monster truck costume for him. With a toy monster truck in front of me to work off of, I cut-shaped and painted (as best as I could) two black posterboards to look like … Read more

Coolest Homemade U Haul Truck Costume

Homemade U Haul Truck Costume

My stepson came home one day and tells me he wants to be a u-haul truck for Halloween as a joke. I was like, OK! So here it is, our Homemade U Haul Truck Costume, prior to cutting the head and arm holes. Its simple enough made out of a cardboard box, paint, hot glue … Read more

Coolest Homemade Traffic Cone Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Traffic Cone Halloween Costume Idea

As my kids get older I require that they get more creative with their Halloween costume ideas. My son, Jordan, had the oddball idea of being a traffic cone this year. The only items I had on hand were the hula hoop for the bottom circle, a beach pail for the top, and hard poster … Read more

Coolest Homemade Traffic Light Costume

Homemade Traffic Light Costume

I usually make my son’s costume, but this year he was old enough to participate in the creation. A Traffic Light Costume popped into his head, I thought wow, that’s great and easy. I added my own spin to it by adding the sign. I will be dressing up as a police women so together … Read more

Coolest Homemade Traffic Cone Toddler Halloween Costume

Homemade Traffic Cone Toddler Halloween Costume

My 4.5 year old son had decided to be a backhoe for Halloween, so I had to come up with a “sidekick” costume for my 11 month old. I wanted something relatively easy to make and upon seeing an actual traffic cone in our garage it dawned on me that here was my answer to … Read more

Coolest Lemon Laura’s Ice Cream Truck with Whiteboard

Coolest Lemon Laura's Ice Cream Truck with Whiteboard - with lights on

Lemon Laura’s Ice Cream Truck was a big hit at a school Halloween dance and town parade where she could easily maneuver around with the lights glowing, ice cream truck song playing, ringing her bell. She could also relax in a chair inside the costume while children drew and wrote on the whiteboard side of … Read more

Airplane Costume

Last year my boys wanted to be very creative about their homemade Halloween costume ideas. My youngest son Tanner wanted to be a Piper Cub, like the planes that his daddy flies remotely. It took me about a day and half of making when you count his daddy doing the spray painting for us. His … Read more

Tractor Costume

My 2 years old son, Alexis, loves tractors and since I wanted to create his own unique Halloween costume idea. It was my first one ever done! I searched on the Internet and found a lot of different pictures of tractors and kind of “mixed” them together to give this result. He was very proud … Read more