Cool Hot Air Balloon Costume

Coolest Hot Air Balloon Costume

My two year old loves hot air balloons. We live in an area where there are a lot of farms and there are many hot air balloon trips to see the beautiful farmlands. She calls them “up up and away”, this is the reason for the shirt. My husband who teaches special needs children to … Read more

Original Hot Air Balloon Costume

Coolest Hot Air Balloon Costume 13

My son is six years old and he always comes up with unique ideas for his costume each year. This year, he decided on a Hot Air Balloon. My mother and I make his costumes each year. First, I purchased a wicker hamper we cut the bottom out and used black duct tape around the … Read more

Hot Air Balloon Costume

I was motivated in to making costumes for my family so my daughter picked this hot air balloon costume from this site. We used a round laundry basket, some basket weave from a craft store, four dowel rods, flame fabric, a piece of duct work from the hardware store and an inflatable ball from a … Read more

Hot Air Balloon Costume

I am not very good at making costumes for Halloween but this was real easy! The hot air Balloon was made up of a cardboard box and spray paint. The material for the balloon was nylon that I sewed together and used 3/4 inch PVC pipes to hold it up. I sewed the weight bags, … Read more

Hot Air Balloon Costume

Making costumes for Halloween is lots of fun, but I always prefer to make something easy? We came up with the idea of a Hot Air Balloon The basket was a cardboard box covered in light brown paper with darker brown strips weaved through. Along the top rim of the box was large pipe insulation … Read more

Hot Air Balloon Costume

Items used: Cardboard box, white paper strips, balloons, embroidery hoops, plastic pipe, pipe insulation, and paper bag. The balloon basket is made from a cardboard box with both end flaps cut off. Then, cut one-inch strips in the box and weave one-inch white strips through the box to create the basket look. Another thing you … Read more

Train Child Costumes

I used a cardboard box, cut slits into it, and weaved light brown construction paper in and out to make the box look like a basket. Of course the bottom of the box is cut out for her legs. The day of the Halloween party I bought a helium balloon at a party store; the … Read more