Coolest Bull Rider Cowboy Costume

Homemade Bull Rider Cowboy Costume

I got the idea for this costume several years ago in a magazine. I made the costume first for my daughter who dances. She was a ballerina riding a unicorn. I then remade it for my nephew as a cowboy riding a bull. A friend of mine saw pictures and wanted the costume for her … Read more

Coolest Colts Corn Hole Costume

Homemade Colts Corn Hole Costume

Choose your favorite team. We chose a Homemade Colts Corn Hole Costume. Find 2 boxes and cut the bottom off completely. Cut a half circle so that you can lean your neck into the box. Also, cut holes in the sides of the box for each arm. Next paint them to look like football themed … Read more

Sumo Costume

I was 8 months pregnant and came up with a great way to use my big belly! A big Sumo Wrestler was just the costume! I already had a cream colored shirt so I began searching for something to wear on the bottom. A pair of Pajama pants did the trick. Then I bought a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sting from WWE Costume

Homemade Sting from WWE Costume

The theme for Halloween was WWE Wrestlers and I love to paint my face. So who better then Sting!! The Homemade Sting from WWE Costume was very simple. I got the black and white face paint, a wig, cut the wig down to size, and the rest I made myself. I borrowed my uncles long … Read more

Coolest Hulk Hogan Child Costume

Coolest Hulk Hogan Child Costume 10

We had another costume lined up for my son, but it ended up being too small, so this was very last minute. Mens doo rag that I tied to fit his head. Then I cut a piece of a child’s blonde wig and sewed it to the back of the doo rag. I cut the … Read more

Coolest Ditka and Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume

Homemade Ditka & Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume

As you can probably assume, my husband came up with this Homemade Ditka & Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume idea. As a true football fanatic he had always wanted to dress up as Mike Ditka, however we couldn’t figure out the perfect couple pairing. Then one night after a few drinks he and his friends came … Read more