Easy Costume Idea

My son won a contest for this easy costume idea. I took a t-shirt of mine (women’s cut) and glued felt onto it to look like the tube. Then I added glitter glue to exactly match it. The toothpaste cap is a small lampshade with holes cut on the sides where I attached white shoe … Read more

Easy Homemade Loofah Costume

Loofah Costume

I saw the two other loofahs on this site and started working right away on my loofah costume. However, I couldn’t find any direct instructions to make it, so I figured I’d add some of my own. First, this is what to buy: I found a long shirt/dress a the local department store on sale … Read more

Coolest Loofa Costume

Homemade Loofa Costume

This year I had a broken leg but still made it out for Halloween. I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to make a Homemade Loofa Costume. I just used a nude colored tube top dress and I got pink and purple tule and lots of safety pins and pinned it … Read more