Coolest Homemade Steampunk Costume Ideas

Homemade Steampunk Costume Ideas

Me, my husband, and daughter designed our steam-punk costumes. Almost everything for the costumes was purchased at thrift stores. The goggles were purchased at Nappa Auto Parts and spray painted. We took apart four old wind up clocks and some pocket watches for the hats and accessories. The arm bands were made from very small … Read more

Coolest Homemade Steampunk Group Costume

Dr. FrankenSTEAM, his Monster, & the Bride

This Steampunk Group Costume came from hours of labor, ingenuity, and creativity. The make up alone on me (the monster) took about 4 hours. May I present, Dr. FrankenSTEAM, his Monster, and the Bride. My friends and I had this idea to use Steampunk & Frankenstein together. The great thing about Steampunk is that it … Read more

Coolest Steampunk Costume

Homemade Steampunk Costume

This is my Halloween Homemade Steampunk Costume from 2010. My mom made the skirt for me (It’s a semi-Victorian skirt with ruffles on the back and bottom) and pretty much everything else came from the mall. I’d had the sweatshirt and shoes for awhile and the blouse was used in another costume.