Coolest Homemade Scuba Bulldog Costume

Homemade Scuba Bulldog Costume

I rescued Max, an English Bulldog, from the NSPCA in Springfield, MA in April of 2008. At the time he had ringworm, was underweight and had been abandoned by his previous owner. Since then Max has gotten healthy (and fat) and has been a great addition to the family. He enjoys sleeping, eating and being … Read more

Coolest Dog Pony Costume

Homemade Dog Pony Costume

Chrono is an all black German shepherd. With his pointed ears, solid black color, and ginormous size, he gets A LOT of comments about looking like a pony or a horse. So this Halloween we decided to dress him up like a pony as a little joke to all the people who already think he’s … Read more

Coolest Big Bird Dog and Oscar the Grouch Handler Costume

Homemade Big Bird Dog and Oscar the Grouch Handler Costume

I got the idea to have my Labrador Retriever be Big Bird because Labs are “bird dogs”. It was a play on words that she be BIG BIRD DOG. I dressed up as Oscar the Grouch. I got my supplies from Joanne fabrics and the Dollar Tree. For my costume I only had to purchase … Read more

Coolest Elvis Impersonator Costume


Our mastiff Bull Dozzer is wearing a handmade cape with a red velvet lining and the outside is covered in beads. He is also sporting a pair of Elvis type glasses.

Coolest Homemade Santa Clause Dog Costume

Homemade Santa Clause Dog Costume

This is my dog Cletus. I dressed him up as Santa Clause for Halloween because he brings joy to everyone. I used a kid’s large sweat shirt and just added fuzzy fabric for the trim. His wig was made out of a winter hat with a hole cut in the top for his face to … Read more

Coolest Dog Banana Costume

Homemade Dog Banana Costume

My dog Kano is a great dane/akita mix, which means he is tall and weighs 135lbs. Needless to say, you can’t find very many 5XL dog costumes for sale (even online) so every year I have to make him one. I always liked seeing the little dogs in banana costumes, but I figured a really … Read more

Coolest Homemade Medusa Dog Unique Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Medusa Dog Unique Halloween Costume Idea

This is my 8 month old Bullboxer ( English Bulldog cross with Boxer) named Libby. I wanted to make her a costume that would be easy to wear and lightweight. In the past I have used mythology for inspiration for my children’s costumes and decided on a Medusa Dog Unique Halloween Costume Idea to make … Read more