Coolest Homemade Chihuahua Chalupa Costume

Homemade Chihuahua Chalupa Costume

My Chihuahua Booker hates costumes and clothes. He puts up with me making him dress up every year. Anyone who knows him waits to see what he will be. The Chalupa “shell” is made from thick flannel, and the meat was brown ribbon. The cheese and the lettuce were also ribbons by the yard. This … Read more

Coolest Devil Dog Costume

Homemade Devil Dog Costume

Since my St. Bernard is too big for normal pet costumes, we tried something different. I bought a child’s size 4-6 1-piece devil costume with attached hood. I cut the back open and put it over his head, then put his feet in the leg openings. I stuffed the arms with Styrofoam so that they … Read more

Coolest Oscar the Grouch Dog Homemade Halloween Costume Idea

Oscar the Grouch Dog Homemade Halloween Costume Idea

Winchester, our 4 month old puppy is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever with curly hair. We wanted him to help give out Halloween candy and since we always dress up, thought he should dress up too. We wanted to play up his curly textured hair and make him a costume he would be comfortable in. So … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cerberus Costume

Homemade Cerberus Costume

I want to share with everyone the product I use that has truly changed my Halloween costume making and has made anything possible. After years of experimenting with paper mache (too heavy), wire and fabric (not stable enough) and many other methods, I finally found plumbing pipe insulation. This is extremely light weight, bendable, sturdy … Read more

Coolest Tootsie Roll Pet Dog Costume

Homemade Tootsie Roll Pet Dog Costume

Olivia, my chocolate Labrador Retriever, is dressed in the Coolest Tootsie Roll Costume. I got the idea because she is brown in color, as are Tootsie Rolls, and I wanted her to be something on Halloween that you can’t buy in the store for pets. I really like this costume because it still allows your … Read more

Coolest Big Bird Dog and Oscar the Grouch Handler Costume

Homemade Big Bird Dog and Oscar the Grouch Handler Costume

I got the idea to have my Labrador Retriever be Big Bird because Labs are “bird dogs”. It was a play on words that she be BIG BIRD DOG. I dressed up as Oscar the Grouch. I got my supplies from Joanne fabrics and the Dollar Tree. For my costume I only had to purchase … Read more