Coolest Big Bad Wolfie DIY Dog Costume

Big Bad Wolfie DIY Dog Costume

Lennon is our 7 mo. old German Shepherd. He is a good sport and loves to dress up… Process: I went to the thrift shop and purchased red material for my cape and skirt, ribbons from dollar store and wicker basket also from thrift store for $1. Lennon’s bed dress is a La Senza night … Read more

Cool Pet Costume

A bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

I took a large plastic bag (the ones made for gift wrapping baskets) and cut two holes in it for my dog’s front feet. Then I reinforced the holes with felt circles. I cut the end of the bag off so that the costume could be slid on to my dog. To keep this pet … Read more

Coolest Homemade Harry Potter Pet Costume

Homemade Harry Potter Pet Costume

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, actually my whole family is (minus my husband). So when Halloween came around I found it only fitting to make our four legged child Harry Potter!!! For the glasses, I used brown pipe cleaners with masking tape to make them look broken! I looped them around his ears … Read more

Coolest Fruit of the Loom Doggy Style Costume

Fruit of the Loom Doggy Style Costume

I honestly don’t remember what made me choose to make my little puppy into a bunch of grapes but I can tell you that to this day, my Boston Terrier, Jake, is still traumatized from the Fruit of the Loom Doggy style costume. Supplies: white baby t-shirt, purple balloons, Safety pins, green construction paper, scissors, … Read more

Coolest Pet Costume

Captain Pasha the Pirate Costume

I make my dog’s Halloween costumes without a pattern. I get an idea, draw it on paper, take measurements, gather supplies, cloth, embellishments, etc. For this pet costume I knew I wanted only two pieces to make it easier to dress my Siberian husky, Pasha. I found a dog harness and made him wear it … Read more