Coolest Medieval Crusader Halloween Costume

Medieval Crusader Costume

This Medieval Crusader Halloween costume has 2 parts, the chain-mail part, and the tunic. These are the items I needed to make this costume: 1. A black t-shirt that we no longer wanted. 2. A pair of funky silver pants. 3. A table cloth with a neat weave in the fabric. (This was leftover from … Read more

Coolest Medieval Lady Princess Costume

Coolest Medieval Lady Princess Costume

While my young daughter was thinking a “princess” I had something more along the lines of a medieval “Lady” in mind. This Medieval Lady Princess Costume was fabricated entirely with findings and fabric scraps I had already so the cost was $0 for me. I had a green satin and a gold silk fabric, and … Read more

Coolest Homemade King and Queen Couple Costume

Homemade King and Queen Couple Costume

I made the dogs costume using a pattern for the outfit but the chair I just took foam and covered it leaving a hole in the back so my dog could fit through. I made fake legs and bought some cheap shoes. I just made my own pattern for the legs. I stuffed them and … Read more

Coolest Medieval Armor Hallowen Costume

Medieval Armor Costume

This Medieval Armor Halloween costume worked out great for my son! I was trying to think of what flexible material there is that is metallic looking, and thought of those sunshades that go in your car window. I picked one up at the end of the season for 75% off, so I only spent $2.50 … Read more

Coolest Homemade Unicorn Pegasus Costume

Homemade Unicorn Pegasus Costume

It took us under 5 dollars to make this Homemade Unicorn Pegasus Costume. First take about 1 square foot of sequined fabric and fold corner to corner. Envision a triange/horn shape and sew up one side to create that shape. Stuff the horn shape very snug with scraps of any kind. Attach the horn to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dragon Costume

Homemade Dragon Costume

This Homemade Dragon Costume was my most ambitious costume ever. I have always wanted to be a dragon since I love them, but they are really hard to translate to the human body. What I finally came up with was a nice compromise and is based on Smaug, the Dragon from the book The Hobbit. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Unicorn Costume

Homemade Unicorn Costume

This Homemade Unicorn Costume is a combination of stuff I had on hand, and some items purchased at local Hobby Lobby. I guess you could say the inspiration is My Little Pony Meets Unicorn Fairy. I wore this last Halloween to a costume contest and received first runner up. I had a blast and got … Read more

Coolest Homemade Royal Knight Halloween Costume

Homemade Royal Knight Halloween Costume

My 3.5 year old Derrick decided he wanted a Homemade Royal Knight Halloween Costume. I did some looking around for a good knight costume but all the costumes were lame, too expensive, or both. So I put this together for him. Granted it is not perfect and if I had it to do over there … Read more

Coolest Smoke Breathing Dragon Costume

Homemade Smoke Breathing Dragon Costume

ROAR!!! As expected, this Smoke Breathing Dragon Costume is very imposing. At nearly 12′ tall, it definitely stands out in a crowd on on the street. Definitely my most elaborate and possibly my most favorite costume ever. The entire project took about 80 or so work hours, and was well worth it. It’s height and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Prince Costume

Homemade Baby Prince Costume

Baby brother needed to match big brother’s theme for Halloween and there wasn’t much time left. What to do to make this Homemade Baby Prince Costume? Simple. Take a kitchen towel with a cool design on the edge, add a printable iron-on transfer from the stash combined with a graphic courtesy of the internet, whip … Read more

Dragon Costume

My son, Max insisted on being a fierce dragon for Halloween this year. We looked high and low for any dragon costumes. Aside from very expensive mascot dragon costumes we came up empty. So we ventured to the fabric store. We looked for a pattern. Again we came up empty. This is probably the 2nd … Read more