Coolest Cinderella Costume

Homemade Cinderella Costume

I’ve been working on my daughter’s dress since March! I wanted to get it just right. I looked everywhere for just the right fabric and finally found it at an interior decorating place, but it was stretch velvet, which is impossible to sew. So, I backed the entire thing with iron-on interfacing, which worked beautifully. … Read more

Coolest Dragon DIY Costume

Homemade Dragon Costume

Andreo’s Homemade Dragon Costume was put together by me, his Grandma Guerrero. I took a jacket and sweat pants as the foundation. This would serve two purposes, one I wouldn’t have to sew a complete outfit and it would be warm on Halloween night. Andreo will be showing off his outfit Halloween night so it … Read more

Princess Costume

I had to dress up for work and I wanted to do the whole princess costume thing but with a non-traditional flare. I had read about this guy who had made a tuxedo jacket and pants out of duct tape for his prom and I thought why not make a dress out of duct tape. … Read more

Coolest Baby Dragon Costume

Coolest Baby Dragon Costume

My baby boy, Winter, was eight months old just before Halloween and he had begun to crawl. My husband commented that he walked a lot like an iguana, and he really did – one splayed little hand at a time. The Baby Dragon costume hatched. He grew out of this costume three times in a … Read more

Princess Costume

To make this costume, I started with a premade simple dress, had a simple stretchy top with a plain light pink skirt w/lace overlay. I began by drawing up the lace around the skirt in 3 different places to give the look of ruffles, I sewed on some pink satin ‘puffs’ to go on the … Read more

Coolest Prince Charming and Cinderella Costume

Homemade Prince Charming and Cinderella Costume

This Prince Charming and Cinderella Costume were our costumes for a Halloween Piano Recital where I accompanied my daughter on the song “So This is Love” from Walt Disney’s “Cinderella.” I adapted the McCall’s pattern for a Civil War uniform to make my outfit, and adapted and combined Simplicity’s patterns for Snow White and Sleeping … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dragon Child Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Dragon Child Halloween Costume Idea

My 4 year old son really wanted to be a dragon for Halloween this year but every costume I found was too “babyish” for a 4 year old so I decided to make a costume for him. The first thing I did was look for ideas, and came up with this homemade dragon child Halloween … Read more