Coolest Paper Mache Pumpkin Costume

Homemade Paper Mache Pumpkin Costume

I wanted a costume to be funny and to get completely into the spirit of Halloween and I wanted to make it myself. So I made this Paper Mache Pumpkin Costume. I made a large ball by stuffing construction garbage bags with torn up newspaper balls and then covering the bag with paper mache newspaper … Read more

Coolest Homemade Turkey Costume

Homemade Turkey Costume

When my 2-year old son came up with the creative idea of a Turkey Costume, I did my best to bring his idea to life. It was inexpensive and simple- and I am no seamstress! To make: 1.) Purchase two large pieces of brown felt. Cut a small circle in the middle of one piece, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Costume

Homemade Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Costume

When my son was younger he enjoyed dressing up as animals. This year (2007) he wanted a Homemade Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Costume. I used a child-sized sewing pattern for a bunny for the main body of the costume. I cut freehand the ears, antlers, nose and hoofs. The eyes are made out of … Read more

Coolest Dia de Los Muertos Adult Couple Costume

Coolest Dia de Los Muertos Adult Couple Costume

I have always loved Day of the Dead art, so why not dress like it! I bought an old wedding dress from the thrift store and began cutting. First I cut of the sleeves and zipper since it was too small, then I added grommets and turned the back into a corset style dress. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jack O’ Lantern Baby Costume

Homemade Jack O' Lantern Baby Costume

When Halloween came around for our 6 month old baby it dawned on us how much fun we could have using his name–Jack–as inspiration for ideas. For that first one we decided on a Jack O’ Lantern. But having a touch of Irish in him, we wanted to mix things up. Instead of an orange … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tiger Lily Indian Princess Costume

Homemade Tiger Lily Indian Princess Costume

My Homemade Tiger Lily Indian Princess Costume is made entirely out of brown paper bags. They were cut into strips and sown together with hemp to make the skirt. The vest was made by turning a bag upside down and cutting arm holes and then trimming it down to size. The front of the vest … Read more

Coolest Dia De Los Muertos Homemade Costumes

Homemade Dia De Los Muertos Costume

This is one of the easiest costumes I have done. A few skirts from around the house and a sombrero I bought on eBay, and with the help of a little snazaroo face paint(anything else will run) and viola! I painted mine and his face myself. Total cost for both 60$

Coolest Dia De Los Muertos Homemade Couple Costume

Homemade Dia De Los Muertos Couple Costume

This is a Homemade Dia De Los Muertos Couple Costume my wife and I wore to a Halloween party. The paint is water based and I used an airbrush to paint the black base and a hand brush to paint the bones. My wife made the colored paper flowers.

Coolest Homemade Jack-O-Lantern Costumes

Homemade Jack-O-Lantern Costumes

My two girls wanted matching costumes this time so I decided that since I hadn’t purchased pumpkins this year I’d make them Jack-O-Lanterns. This was really easy to set up. I took two over sized orange t-shirts and stuffed them with plastic garbage bags. I then dressed them in green and put these orange stuffed … Read more

Coolest Christmas Costume

Christmas Comes Early

My idea for this Halloween came a week before last Halloween. I am a costume NUT! I already have some ideas for next year. I am into family themes as you can see. I have two girls and a boy. Luckily, my oldest 4 year old is pretty much game for anything as long as … Read more

Coolest Dia De Los Muertos Costume

Coolest Dia De Los Muertos Costume 12

I love Halloween and find it my own personal challenge to hand make all my costumes. This year I wanted to create a Victorian “La Catrina” Day of the Dead costume. I began by crocheting the collar from a vintage pattern found in the fall 2011 “Crochet Traditions” magazine. I added several more rows than … Read more

Coolest Girl’s Pumpkin Costume

Homemade Girl's Pumpkin Costume

For this Homemade Girl’s Pumpkin Costume we wanted a cute but functional costume for a “pre-teen” girl. We started with orange felt (2 meters) and some black felt for the eyes and mouth. We also added black ribbon as the stripes. We cut out two circles and sewed them together leaving the top open, then … Read more

Coolest Amish Couple Costume

Amish Couple Costume

Homemade in our native Pennsylvania, the Amish were a simple choice. Prior to our party, we did basic shopping for fresh bread and jarred jelly to give the host as a gift and people didn’t know if we were authentic Amish or not! The best part was not allowing the picture to capture our faces,as … Read more

Coolest Christmas Elf Costume

Little Elf Santa's Helper

Found under the tree Xmas morning. Not! This Christmas Elf costume took me weeks to fabricate. I used curtain material for the body, satin for the cuffs and trim , felt for the ears. (add some bells and whala!) I was due to go out for a Christmas eve drink with my girlfriends I finished … Read more

Coolest Homemade Day of the Dead Costume

Homemade Day of the Dead Costume

Where do I begin? I wanted a costume that was creative, yet meaningful, and I also wanted to grab enough attention to win a contest……..and that’s what we did! As my husband is Mexican, this homemade Day of the Dead costume was appealing to him, which was great since he wasn’t really interested in Halloween … Read more

Homemade Christmas Costume

This costume was actually made in 4 pieces. The first was the skirt which had a crinoline. The next two were like shawls and the hat. The costume was made out of felt fabric. Then garland (light-weight) decorations and lights were sewn onto to the main costume. The hat was made out of some old … Read more

Coolest Amish Costume

Homemade Amish Costume

It all started over a year ago, I went as Jesus and entered a contest on I received second place next to Billy Maze, poor guy. So this year I decided to push the spiritual envelope again. I was having trouble deciding how I was going to do it, but knew I needed to … Read more

Coolest Christmas Tree Cake

Christmas Tree Cake

I used an old satin sheet, cut it into a Christmas tree pattern and sewed it together. For trunk of the tree I just used a piece of brown scrap material and pined it to the bottom of the tree. The decoration on the Christmas tree costume was made out of red and white pieces … Read more

Coolest Day of the Dead Couple Costume

Homemade Day of the Dead Couple Costume

Write-up: Since moving 550 miles away from our home last year, we’ve decided to start to learn more about new cultures. Recently, I learned about the Mexican culture and especially the holiday celebrated, Dia De Los Muertos, Day of the Dead. I found pictures of the “sugar skull” online and was intrigued by how elaborate … Read more

Jack-o’-Lantern Pumpkin Halloween Costume

This little pumpkin Halloween costume was really fun to make. I used orange sweat pants, an orange long sleeved t-shirt, and an over sized orange sweat shirt I picked up at Wal-Mart. I then sewed the two shirts together by hand at the armpits and neck. As I was sewing the neck together I made … Read more

Coolest Homemade Indian Costume

Homemade Indian Girl Costume

I had tons of fun making this Indian costume. I started with some fake suede from the fabric store. I used a shirt as the template for the top. It fitted like a vest and was all one piece. I didn’t want to have any stitching so it would be more authentic. I cut long … Read more

Coolest Homemade Christmas Tree Costume

Homemade Christmas Tree Costume

My daughter wanted to be something homemade, so I tried this Homemade Christmas Tree Costume. I got 6 yards of thick green felt and one yard of yellow from Walmart, cost $18.00. Cut the 6 yards in half, giving you two 3 yard pieces of green felt. I laid out one of the 3 yards … Read more