Coolest Wii Remote Halloween Costume

Homemade Wii Remote Halloween Costume

For this costume you’ll need: $13 piece of large foam board from frame shop (have them cut–see below) Two 20” x 30” foam boards from office store or variety store ($2.75 each) Foam (sponge-type) from foam or craft store (for buttons) $1.20 white spray paint for sides of buttons (if your sponge foam isn’t already … Read more

Cool Homemade Jack In The Box Clown Costume

Homemade Jack In The Box Costume

I wanted my son to stand out for Halloween and the store costumes were just not doing it for me. Then one day while I was putting away the toys I came across a Jack-In-The-Box. What a perfect costume for my son Jack!. I got out a box from moving recently and just started coloring … Read more

Lego – Unique Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for unique Halloween costumes, this was a fun and very inexpensive costume to make. My daughter came up with the idea and it only cost $3 to make. We got the box (if you ever need boxes, the best place is at the dollar store, they have a bin in back of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lego Ostrich Jockey Halloween Costume

Homemade Lego Ostrich Jockey Halloween Costume

I’ve always wanted to make the illusion type riding or piggyback costumes. My boys were not interested. They wanted Lego costumes after seeing last years winners. The problem making Lego costumes to scale is they are shorter and wider and my boys are taller and thinner. I didn’t want them so bulky that they couldn’t … Read more