Coolest Homemade Baby Jack in the Box Costume

Homemade Baby Jack in the Box Costume

This is our first costume for our youngest, Jack. We’ve set a theme of costumes with Jack in the name and intend to stick with it until he’s old enough to throw a fit. I hope the tantrums come soon, because I’m running out of ideas. The only idea I have left is, well, a … Read more

Rescue Heroes Costume

My son, who was 2, almost 3 at the time, wanted to be a Rescue Hero for Halloween. The most popular Rescue Hero is Billy Blazes so that’s what we went for. I found an adorable fireman raincoat online. It was red, which was important and a bit hard to find since most of the … Read more

Coolest Sexy Lego Minifig Costume

Homemade Sexy Lego Minifig Costume

Concept: There have been other Lego costumes; however no others must be kept at least 200 yards from a playground or school. It is the small details that make a homemade costume great. Please note the tiny 6 pack abs, nipples, Lego logo on the underpants, thong on the rear, and above all THE BALL … Read more

Coolest Zombie Barbie Costume

Homemade Zombie Barbie Costume

Zombie Barbie Costume: I wanted to do something scary this year, but with my own twist. Barbie Zombie was born! The Homemade Zombie Barbie Costume is pretty simple and allows for lots of creativity and fun. Step 1 – The Dress: Get a white dress, preferably with volume or layers at the bottom. I used … Read more