Coolest Raggedy Andy Halloween Costume

Homemade Raggedy Andy Halloween Costume

Our precious little Raggedy Andy had tons of photos taken of him this evening. He complimented his cousin who was Raggedy Ann. The hair was made from a Talbots wool suit jacket that I purchased from the Goodwill for $5. Took it apart, washed/felted it, and sent it to a friend who cut it up … Read more

Coolest Troll Doll Creative Halloween Costume

Homemade Troll Doll Creative Halloween Costume

I came up this idea for a Troll Doll Creative Halloween Costume because I loved the Troll dolls when I was younger. I bought a nude body suit and a wig. I sprayed the wig red and used construction paper as the diamond on my stomach. Easy as Pie!

Cool DIY Jack in the Box Halloween Costume

Jack in the Box Halloween Costume

I bought a clown pattern that looked like a Jack in the box clown. I changed it up a little so the shirt would be longer. My daughter picked the material colors. I try to have her help as much as possible. I put wire hoops inside to give it a slinky look. I bought … Read more

Bumblebee Transformers Halloween Costume

The idea for this Halloween costume started as a huge fan of the Transformers series and a bigger fan of well done on-screen special effects. This character is one to admire as well as a challenge to duplicate. The entire costume is hand cut from cardboard. It was broken down to six main pieces, the … Read more

Operation Gameboard

Two weeks in the making it was inspired by the original created by Felix Jung in 2004 and somewhat by Jack W. Bell’s take in 2005 I took it upon myself to reproduce it this year with the addition of the mask and light up nose hence the “Take 3”. It even has its own … Read more