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Creative 50+  Homemade Mr Potato Head Costumes

The original Mr. Potato Head came with accessories to stick into real potatoes. Due to rotting potatoes and food safety laws, that changed into the lovable brown plastic lumps we know today. These homemade Mr Potato Head costumes evoke the fun of playing with this classic toy.

There are many DIY costume options when creating the brown potato body. Some are rounded, others are more like sacks and still others are more dress-like. Included with all these unique takes on Mr Potato Head, are instructions on how to make them yourself.

In addition, personalize your Mr Potato Head costumes with whichever accessories you like. Just like selecting features for the real Mr. Potato Head, you can chose your favorite eyes, lips and nose. Even more than that, people here have also created adorable Mrs. Potato Head costumes as well.

Check these homemade costumes out and get inspired to create your own fabulous creations!

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