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700+ Delicious DIY Food Costume Ideas

Looking for the best idea for a Halloween costume? It’s your favorite food, of course! Find out how to make your most delicious creation from over 700 food costume ideas here.

Sweet or savory, there are some great snacking ideas in this collection of food costume ideas. Try making cotton candy, crackerjacks and popcorn. Get your whole family involved and become a family costume of movie snacks! Also, you must check out the hilarious Ben and Jerry’s ice cream pint. You won’t believe where the spoon is!

Maybe you would rather be a condiment. Ideas for ketchup, mustard and even sriracha, will make you realize how important your burger topping really is.

Whether you’re looking at a child steak or an adult Hamburgler, the costumes featured here will capture your imagination and bring out your creativity. Word of caution: grab a bite to eat as you browse through. Food costumes may bring on a case of the munchies!

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