Coolest DIY Original S’mores Trio Group Costume

DIY Original S'mores Trio Group Costume

We are huge camping fans, so S’mores are a staple for our family. My son had the idea for the DIY original S’mores trio group costume, but turning that into a reality fell to me. The Hershey’s costume was the easiest. I used a single curtain panel and cut the bottom hem off to make … Read more

Coolest Homemade Butterball Turkey Baby Costume

Homemade Butterball Turkey Baby Costume

I always refer to my son Adan as my butterball, when it came time for his first Halloween I had an epiphany in the frozen foods section. The best part is that you not only get a costume, you also get dinner. Supplies for this Butterball Turkey Baby Costume: – 1 turkey, 1 tan colored … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ice Cream Sundae Costumes

Homemade Ice Cream Sundae Costumes

I made these Ice Cream Sundae Costumes with lightweight rubber bowls, felt, sweatshirts, fleece and elastic. First I cut the arms out of white oversized sweatshirts and sewed a sleeveless t-shirt inside. I stuffed pillow stuffing between the sweatshirt and t-shirt. I cut syrup and sprinkles out of felt and hot glued that to the … Read more

Coolest Waffle Costume

Homemade Waffle Costume

What is better than dressing up as an inanimate object for Halloween?? Dressing up as everyone’s favorite tasty breakfast delicacy of course!! One of the most cost efficient costumes out there! Three $10 foam mattresses (bumpy egg carton side out), a knife, one stapler, and one can of brown spray paint. Done. (Optional: bottle of … Read more

Coolest Sushi Roll Costume

Coolest Sushi Roll Costume 16

Got my ideas from one of the sushi roll costumes from your site and another site a couple of years ago. So cute! Inspired by some on here and others around the Internet. Body of sushi.. used cardboard that I cut out and rounded.. put black felt around it and green film over the black … Read more

Coolest Popcorn Costume

Courtney as Pop Corn

This popcorn costume was jointly made by a friend of mine and myself for her daughter. I did a similar version of this costume when my children were younger so we took the original idea and updated it a bit. The costume is made using a large box, red, white, and black paint, some spray … Read more

Coolest Homemade Optimus Party (the Transformer) Costume

Optimus Party (the Transformer) Costume

I made this Optimus Party (the Transformer) Costume after being inspired by the movie, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. I would have been in the movie, but I was passed out when they were filming. I’m the Autobot known as Optimus Party (Optimus Prime’s alcoholic cousin)! I like to fight Decepticons, but I have … Read more

Cheap Halloween Costumes

This costume turned out adorable. We were searching for cheap Halloween costumes when we came across this idea. We took a small laundry basket and cut it down so my daughter could walk. We then hot glued the top and bottom to shape it into a cup. I then paper-mached the outside of the basket … Read more

Creative Costume Idea for a Bag of Potato Chips

We like to dress up as very obvious things that people just don’t usually think to be. This year this creative costume idea came to us while waiting for our dinner at a Mexican food restaurant and snacking on the chips and salsa. It was really pretty easy to put together. The salsa tube is … Read more

Spaghetti Homemade Costume

The idea for this homemade costume actually came from this website! My six year old daughter thought it would be a lot of fun to prance around as a mess of spaghetti. This costume sure had a lot of people smiling, laughing and asking how I did it! First I purchased about six skeins of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Red Bull Angel Costume

Homemade Red Bull Angel Costume

This Homemade Red Bull Angel Costume is probably by far my coolest Halloween costume idea. Instead of being a regular angel for Halloween I decided to spice it up a bit and be a red bull angel. The commercials have always cracked me up! I had silver heel shoes which you probably wont be able … Read more