Cool Ice Cream Cone Costume

Homemade Ice Cream Cone Costume

I originally got this idea for a Homemade Ice Cream Cone Costume from this website and then just made it my own in a couple of areas. I bought a couple yards of pink and brown sation fabric and asked my mother-in-law to sew them together. She bunched them with elastic at the top, the … Read more

Coolest Dairy Queen Blizzard Costume

Homemade Dairy Queen Blizzard Costume

My daughter was talking about what she would dress up as for Halloween and while talking about it over supper we decided that she dress in her favorite treat food! My oldest loves Dairy Queen Blizzards and I immediately started to think about how to put her Dairy Queen Blizzard Costume together. After much searching … Read more

Original Ice Cream Cone Costume

Homemade Ice Cream Cone Costume

For this vanilla ice cream cone costume, we first used an old lampshade and some foam, both covered in tan colored fabric to create the ice cream cone. We then added suspenders that we looped through the lampshade, brought up over her shoulders, and criss-crossed to keep it from falling down. Next, we spread out … Read more

Coolest Homemade Italian Ice Costume

Homemade Italian Ice Costume

Ice’ is an upside down laundry basket from the dollar store, with bottom cut for head and 2 arm holes cut away. Wrapped some batting to ‘fluff’, then wrapped sparkle tulle round and round in 4 colors to make rainbow ice. Bottom is a rubber toy bin with bottom cut out. It has white vinyl … Read more

Coolest Triple Dip Ice Cream Cone and Milkshake Costumes

Coolest Triple Dip Ice Cream Cone and Milkshake Costumes

To spend Halloween at Disneyworld this year, I needed costumes that were easy to pack. I found the Triple Dip costume pattern on Better Homes & Gardens Magazine’s website. I used T-shirt knit for the scoops, 100% cotton for the sugar cone skirt and syrups, white satin ribbon for the whipped cream and sequined fabric … Read more

Coolest Ice Cream Cone Costume

Homemade Ice Cream Cone Costume

The ice cream scoop that makes up the top of this Ice Cream Cone Costume started out as a round vinyl tablecover (with flannel backing). I chose light green so that it would look like mint chocolate chip. I cut a round hole in the center, just large enough to fit my head through and … Read more

Coolest Ice Cream Cones Costumes

Ice Cream Cones

These ice cream cone costumes were made through instructions on FamilyFun, a great crafting magazine. You use stuffed womens/girls stockings for the swirl of the ice cream. Glued to the bottom of that was a circle of foam as a belt, which I duct taped together and made suspenders to hold it up. The ice … Read more

Coolest Ice Cream Sandwich Halloween Child Costume Idea

Ice Cream Sandwich Halloween Child Costume Idea

My grandson wanted to be an ice cream sandwic (okay, so he is a little different). I bought 2 styrofoam rectangles and glued brown felt squares to one side of each piece of styrofoam. I inserted white thumb tacks to represent the little holes in an ice cream sandwich. I used adhesive velcro to hold … Read more

Coolest Ice Cream Halloween Costume

Homemade Ice Cream Halloween Costume

MMM. I love ice-cream, don’t you? What could be better then than becoming an ice-cream cone? Materials: -Garbage can -Candies or other brightly colored small objects -A red ball or other item that resembles a cherry -Batting -A hat to build off of Start with the garbage can. All you need is brown colored fabric … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ben and Jerry’s Banana Split Wheelchair Costume

Homemade Ben and Jerry's Banana Split Wheelchair Costume

The college where Grandma worked got all new Gateway computers and Grandma wondered if we could use the cool cow motif boxes for Halloween somehow. That got us thinking… Years ago we read a suggestion in Exceptional Parent magazine to incorporate the wheelchair into the Halloween costume. Obviously, we needed to figure something with cows … Read more