Coolest Homemade Hot Cocoa for Santa Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Hot Cocoa for Santa Halloween Costume Idea

My granddaughter was competing in a Christmas Pageant and needed a Christmas costume. I had a homemade Hot Cocoa for Santa Halloween costume idea. It was a hit and she won Grand Supreme!! I took a big plastic planter cut the bottom off, painted it and decorated it. Molded the handle out of that light … Read more

Cheap Halloween Costumes

I came up with this idea for cheap Halloween costumes a couple days before a Halloween party. It was perfect for me because all of my friends know how much I love Dunkin Donuts coffee. It turned out to be a hit at the party. I created the costume with a quilting ring foam board, … Read more

Cheap Halloween Costumes

This costume turned out adorable. We were searching for cheap Halloween costumes when we came across this idea. We took a small laundry basket and cut it down so my daughter could walk. We then hot glued the top and bottom to shape it into a cup. I then paper-mached the outside of the basket … Read more

Cheap Halloween Costumes

For this Swiss miss costume I got the idea right here! There are so many creative people here giving us ideas for cheap Halloween costumes. Although this is already on here I added a few things and it varies. The items you will need for this are one laundry basket, a round one, can of … Read more

Cheap Halloween Costumes

The cup part is actually a garbage can wrapped in Bristol board and we had to blow up the logo so it came out a little fuzzy. We put some touch-ups with green and black markers and white-out. The top is the top of the garbage can with a paper border to look like the … Read more

Cheap Halloween Costumes

3rd Place Winner of our 2006 Costume ContestClick Here to View Other Winners… I used a small round laundry basket for this and covered it in poster board. I glued real marshmallows on it and added a spoon. My daughter won 1st prize! Total Spent: $15

Coolest Teabag Costume

The Tea bag lady

For my teabag costume, I purchased a few yards of Crinoline, a couple yards of cording and a box of Lipton teabags. I cut out two huge rectangles the same size. I then laid one on top of the other and sewed the sides and bottom. Open up the top and fill about 1/3 with … Read more

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Not only does this costume fall into the cheap Halloween costumes category it also took about an hour to make! Material needed: Interfacing (light weight, inexpensive but with a little bit of stiffness), fall leaves, thread, heavy cotton string, a piece of poster board or construction paper, and markers (to color a tag). Directions: (NOTE: … Read more

Coolest Starbucks Coffee Costume

Katelyn and the local Starbucks Crew

I wanted something original for Halloween last year for my oldest daughter. She loves Starbucks hot chocolate, and I love their coffee! So our minds were made up, a Starbucks Coffee costume! I bought a small laundry basket ($1.97), some brown fabric ($2 yd) and a piece of poster board ($.50). I cut the bottom … Read more

Cool Tea Bag Costume

Toddler Tea Bag Costume

This is my one year old grand daughter in her tea bag costume. I took interfacing and sewed, added crushed leaves to make the tea bag. Then I sewed a string and attached a lid from a teabag box.

Coolest Hot Chocolate Costume

Hot Chocolate Costume

I knew I had to top my daughter’s light up robot costume last year so I searched the web for fun costumes. I saw a hot chocolate costume and knew I could have a lot of fun with it. I decided to make it look like the hot chocolate I used to have when I … Read more

Coolest Tea Bag Costume

Homemade Tea Bag Costume

This is a costume made for my daughter last Halloween. It is so simple to make – but you have to be able to run up a seam on a sewing machine. What you see at the front is duplicated on the back, so it is like a sandwich board with the child in the … Read more