Coolest Princess Zelda Costume

Homemade Princess Zelda Costume

This is a Homemade Princess Zelda Costume from the ‘Twilight Princess’ era. The dress was purchased but the armor, and the crown were handmade. I found some templates and used some foam offcuts and layered them to make the shoulder guards and other chained up entities, and the crown is a combination of craft foam, … Read more

Coolest Carmen San Diego Costume

Homemade Carmen San Diego Costume

I used to LOVE the computer game “Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego” so I thought I’d be her for Halloween. I won first prize in a costume contest. I got the coat at a retail store. It’s a winter coat but it was a cold October night so it came in handy and … Read more

Coolest Child’s Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

Homemade Child's Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

This year has been what I call the “Year of the Hedgehog” for my 5 year old. His birthday theme- Sonic, his bedclothes- Sonic, video games- Sonic. So it came as no surprise when his choice for Halloween was, yup- Sonic. To do this costume would be tricky seeing as no one sold Sonic in … Read more

Coolest Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Costume

Homemade Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Costume

This Homemade Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Costume was made with blue fabric, shin guards, a paintball mask and cardboard. Throw in some white out contacts and shoes that light up blue and you are all set!

Coolest Homemade Pacman Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Pacman Group Halloween Costume

It was four days before the big day and Tim and I were still struggling to fit half a hula-hoop into an elbow joint of PVC that was oozing with bathroom caulk and epoxy. How were we going to make four identical Ms. Pac-man ghosts to win the group costume contest? Our vision was to … Read more