Coolest Pacman and Blinky Costumes

Homemade Pacman and Blinky Costumes

For these homemade Pacman and Blinky costumes, I found those thin sheets of foam that come in large rolls and used that to fashion the bodies. I purchased tights, shirts and booties from discount store. Had the gloves from previous costume.

Coolest Homemade Ms. Pacman Sexy Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Ms. Pacman Sexy Halloween Costume Idea

I decided that I wanted to be the very famous Ms. Pacman for Halloween! I put lots of hard work, thought, and time into this homemade Ms. Pacman sexy Halloween costume idea. I knew from the get go how I wanted the design I just needed to find the base dress to work from. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pacman Costume

Homemade Pacman Costume

The company I work for has a fundraiser every year with a ‘Centipede’ contest where teams of 8 or more make creative costumes and parade them in a 5k walk. Our team was inspired by the Pac-man on Google and found the coolest homemade costumes site, which gave us the ideas for how to create … Read more

Cool Homemade Pacman Costume

Homemade Pacman Costume

A family friend recently turned the big 30 and with it came a 80’s themed party. With me being me, I couldn’t help but go all out! I decided I wanted a costume that was easy for everyone to recognize and something that was going to be unique. This Pacman Costume was actually really simple … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mrs. Pacman Costume

Homemade Mrs. Pacman Costume

This Homemade Mrs. Pacman Costume is very easy to make! Hardly spent any money at all. What you need : 1) yellow fabric 2) black and white felt: for mouth eyes and white dots 3) bendable wire 4) string 5) plastic fruit 6) accessories! I cut two large circles of yellow fabric, sewed them together. … Read more

Coolest Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man DIY Halloween Couple Costumes

Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man DIY Halloween Couple Costume

Before you start on this Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man DIY Couple Costume, be prepared to spend a little bit of time cutting the body! We used shipping tape to tape flattened boxes together, then cut out the circular shape of the outer bodies first. Then we connected the sides with box pieces to complete … Read more

Coolest Pacman Halloween Costume

Ms. Pacman Halloween Costume

Well, I love the 80’s. Last year I was a Rubik’s Cube. I had to think of something to top last years costume. I wanted to think of something that everyone knows. So I decided on Ms. Pacman Halloween costume. I started off with a hula hoop. I traced it onto foamcore (2 pieces for … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pac Man Group Costume

Homemade Pac Man Group Costume

My brother and I made this Pac Man Group Costume from cardboard boxes and spray paint. First we drew a grid of pixels on the cardboard and then traced the actual dimensions pixel by pixel of the ghosts and Pac Man onto the cardboard. We then cut out 2 pieces per costume and spray painted … Read more

Cool Homemade Pac Man Halloween Costume

Homemade Pac Man Halloween Costume

This Homemade Pac Man Halloween Costume was easy to make although was a bit time consuming. I gathered all the cardboard I could find and cut out 2 large 3/4 circles. Then I joined the Pacman shaped sides to a long strip of cardboard using string,zipties and duct tape, which made it 3 dimensional. I … Read more

Awesome Homemade Mr. and Mrs. PacMan and Ghost Dogs Family Costume

Homemade Mr. and Mrs. PacMan and Ghost Dogs Family Costume

Our first Halloween party in our new house had to be memorable… So we came up with the perfect costumes! Mr. and Mrs. Pacman! Becoming the duo wasn’t too hard. We used hula hoops, covered them in yellow felt, and added the facial features using felt cutouts. Yellow sweatshirts and black sweat-pants under the costumes … Read more

Coolest Homemade Working Pacman Costume

Homemade Working Pacman Costume

I’ve been working on this Homemade Working Pacman Costume for over a month and a half at this point. Both costumes stand five feet tall. Three years ago I made a giant Pacman costume, but did it kind of by the seat of my pants. The final product was pretty decent, but lacked fit and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ms Pacman Costume

Homemade Ms Pacman Costume

This Ms Pacman Costume consists of cardboard, yellow material, black see through material, and a lot of fun creating it. It only took 6 hours to make and it was fun. Hope you like it.