Coolest Bowser Jr. Halloween Costume

Homemade Bowser Jr. Halloween Costume

Our son always plays this one baseball game on the Nintendo Wii; Mario Super Sluggers. He especially loves Bowser Jr. At first, he wanted his dad to make a bandanna that has a big mouth with teeth. As it got closer to Halloween, he wanted to be Bowser Jr. for the upcoming holiday. My husband … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bowser from Super Mario Bros Costume

Homemade Bowser from Super Mario Bros Costume

My friends were throwing a Halloween party and 2 of them were going as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers. I thought it would be fun to tell them I was going as a zombie to throw them off, then show up as Bowser, their mortal enemy! It was priceless when I barged through … Read more

Coolest Bowser Homemade Costume

Homemade Bowser Costume

My son, who is six years old, loves Mario. Last year he was Mario, so this year he had to be Bowser. I made this Bowser costume myself. I was so happy to see that people knew who he was when trick or treating. He enjoyed it also and would give them a big roar … Read more