Coolest Homemade Bowser Costume

Homemade Bowser Costume

My son is 7 years old and loves loves loves Bowser, so here we go, he wanted a Bowser Costume for Halloween this year. I don’t know if anyone has searched for a Bowser kids costume, but they are not to be found in stores, PLUS, making costumes is so much more fun anyway. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bowser Jr. Costume

Homemade Bowser Jr. Costume

This year my sons wanted to do a Mario themed Halloween – and of course my 4 year old had to Bowser Jr. I was able to buy the Mario costume for my 6 year old and the Princess Peach for me (my husband was a poor sport and wouldn’t be anything) but the Bowser … Read more

Coolest Bowser Jr. Costume

Coolest Bowser Jr. Costume 7

My 6 yr old son is obsessed with Bowser jr and this Halloween he chose a Homemade Bowser Jr. Costume. After days and days of searching the internet trying to find a Bowser jr costume to buy and finding none for sale I finally came to terms that it had to be made. I’m not … Read more