Coolest Snooki Costume

Homemade Snooki Costume

This Snooki costume was really easy and cheap! The Snooki wig came from a Halloween/party store. I borrowed the leopard print dress from a good friend of mine and ended up pinning up the bottom so it was nice and short. I purchased a cheap pair of black sunglasses from the Dollar store and little … Read more

Cool Jersey Shore Costume

Jersey Shore Costume

This Jersey Shore Costume is a GREAT idea for a group costume or theme party! The best thing is that these clothes are what people wear every day so everything was easy to find. We found all of our outfits at the local mall -in the ‘teen’ stores. I found a few items at a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Snooki Costume

Homemade Snooki Costume

For this Homemade Snooki Costume I started by going to the store and looking for a low cut shirt. I found the zebra shirt and a pair of leggings at a local store. I then bought a pair of sunglasses and a cheap chain and glued the chain to the glasses. This wasn’t as easy … Read more

Cool Snooki Costume

Homemade Snooki Costume

This is the second year in a row that I have dressed up as “Snooki” from Jersey Shore for two reasons. First reason, I look similar to her (dark hair, short, tan) and secondly, I was broke this year so decided to recycle some of my “going out” clothes to dress up like her! I … Read more