Original Homemade Edward Scissorhands Costume

Coolest Edward Scissorhands Costume

For this Coolest Edward Scissorhands Costume I got fake leather material from the fabric store along with a shirt pattern and a leggings pattern and sewed a plain pleather shirt and pants. I attached the shiny collar and sleeves from a rain jacket I got from the thrift store, I just cut them off and … Read more

Coolest Mrs. Scissorhands Costume

Homemade Mrs. Scissorhands Costume

I dressed up as Mrs. Scissorhands this year and my husband was Edward Scissorhands. I found a pleathery dress at Forever 21 with gold grommets on the upper back which worked perfectly. I got some gold colored steel rings from Hobby Lobby and used black electrical tape to attach them sporadically on the dress like … Read more

Coolest Edward Scissor Hands

Edwards Scissor Hands Costume

The Edward Scissor Hands hands, boots and wig were purchased at a costume shop. The wig required some trimming so that my son could see and so that it looked more like the character. For the top we used a tight fitting long sleeve shirt and then added a black mesh shirt over it. I … Read more

Cool DIY Edward Scissorhands Costume

Coolest Edward Scissorhands Costume 19

For Halloween this year, I decided to pull off one of my dream costumes: Edward Scissorhands. I didn’t want to use the “Licensed Scissorhands” sold in my local costumes store, so I began work on my own. I found close-up images on Google of movie stills, as well as other images of homemade Scissorhands. I … Read more

Coolest Edward Scissorhands DIY Costume

Edward Scissorhands

Like many others, I lovethe Edward Scissorhands movie! And any other Tim Burton movie for that matter! I figured I had the hair, so I might as well give the Edward Scissorhands costume a try. First and foremost, I have to give credit where it is due. I downloaded a template for the scissorhands from … Read more

Edward Scissorhands Costume

We basically took a black tarp and sewed it over my daughter’s old clothes for this Edward Scissorhands costume. For the straps we used left over scraps of tarp and paper fasteners for a stud look. The scissor hands were cardboard with foil glued on them in the shape of blades and glued onto black … Read more

Coolest Edward Scissorhand Costume

Edward Scissorhand Costume

My twelve year old son wanted to have an Edward Scissorhand costume for Halloween, So I started looking for ideas to make it happen. We went to thrift stores and found some leather belts and a leather jacket. I bought a black pirates wig since he is a blond and doesn’t care for the color … Read more

Edward Scissorhands Costume

When my friend and I threw a Hollywood Halloween party where everyone had to dress as a celebrity or movie character, I knew I had to dress as my favorite movie character ever, Edward Scissorhands. Through a lot of the movie Edward wears a white shirt, grey pants and suspenders but before that his whole … Read more

Coolest Edward Scissorhands Homemade Costume

Edward Scissorhands Homemade Costume

This Edward Scissorhands Homemade Costume was my costume for Halloween 2005. Unfortunately this appears to be the only picture I have readily available. It looks like I’m one of the very few to ever do Edward dressed in his shirt and slacks. I’ll admit it had a lot to do with the fact that it … Read more

Edward Scissorhands Costume

I created the Edward Scissorhands Costume quite accidentally. I had bought a pair of leather pants at the gap which were 50 % off (I paid 99 bucks). Then, about a year later, a month before Halloween, I walked into a thrift store and found a black leather woman’s jacket for 20 bucks. As soon … Read more

Cool Homemade Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

Homemade Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

Halloween is my favorite holiday! Every year I try my best to come up with a creative homemade costume. There is nothing better than the feeling that you did it yourself! This year my inspiration came from my favorite movie “Edward Scissorhands”. I thought I knew how I would bring his outfit together until I … Read more

Original Homemade Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

DIY Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

Being a huge fan of Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands film, I found it exciting to walk a day in Edward’s shoes. My DIY Edward Scissorhands Halloween costume is a compilation of thrift store items: black belts (six to be exact), black leather pants, a black motorcycle jacket and a black sleeveless top with metal rings … Read more

Original DIY Edward Scissorhands Costume for a Man

Homemade Edward Scissorhands Costume

well, I wasn’t sure on what would be my costume for Halloween, but I decided to be Edward Scissorhands because a lot of people told me I look like him, even if I don’t think so. Anyways, I made my Homemade Edward Scissorhands Costume and here is how it looks, I’m not totally satisfied, but … Read more

Coolest Female Edward Scissorhands Costume

Homemade Female Edward Scissorhands Costume

I made this Homemade Female Edward Scissorhands Costume myself. For the vest I bought a bunch of old belts from the thrift store which I cut up and glued on overlapping. For the hands, I purchased Freddy Kreuger claws from the dollar store, which I deconstructed, and glued onto some black gloves. For the scissor … Read more

Coolest Edward Scissorhands Homemade Costume Idea

Homemade Edward Scissorhands Costume

My husband dressed up as Edward Scissorhands this year and I was Mrs. Scissorhands. For him, we got dark gray dress pants that were a little big on him from Goodwill and black suspenders from Hot Topic. He had a white business shirt and black t-shirt to wear underneath. We used an extra black t-shirt … Read more

Coolest Edward Scissorhands Costume

Coolest Edward Scissorhands Costume 20

This was honestly a last minute idea and how I pulled it all together… It was a rainy nasty Saturday, two days before Halloween this year. I had planned to do work outside around my house, but since it was raining, I went online and started thinking of a Halloween costume I could create myself. … Read more