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60+ Eccentrically Cool DIY Mad Hatter Costumes

Whimsical and weird, these Mad Hatter costumes are fantastic ways to disguise yourself this Halloween.

There is truly a variety in how you can top off your costume. This is probably the most crucial part of this homemade costume. Consequently, if you are blessed with a good hat head, it is imperative you put it to good use with these Mad Hatter toppers. The size of the hats are entirely up to you.

Especially relevant are the extremely helpful tips to guide you in creating your own magnificent headpiece. Hint: get some foam and wire hangers ready!

Probably the greatest feature of these costumes, is that there is no cap on the crazy you are allowed to bring. Let your inner madness out. The more crazed you look, the better.

In conclusion, get inspired by the coolest costumers on the planet who have shared their ideas and techniques here. So, join in and share your homemade costumes with us here, you’ll be in great company!

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