Coolest Homemade Chuck E. Cheese Toddler Costume Idea

Homemade Chuck E. Cheese Toddler Costume Idea

My son wanted to be Chuck E. Cheese. I prefer to make my own costumes so I began searching the internet and didn’t find a single homemade Chuck E. Cheese toddler costume idea ever been made of Chuck E. other than the original Chuck E. Cheese. So I decided to sew a bear costume and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hamburglar Costume

Homemade Hamburglar Costume

This year for Halloween I wanted a costume that would induce nostalgia in people that grew up in the mid-80’s/early 90’s. The Hamburglar. He is one of my favorite characters from the McDonald’s franchise. Having no previous mascot mask-making skills, making the Hamburglar’s head was quite daunting. Here’s how I did it: I used a … Read more

Cool Homemade Red Bull Angel Costume

Homemade Red Bull Angel Costume

I love drinking Red Bull, so why not make a costume that looks just like it?? I paired the wings with the costume because RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS!!

Coolest Toucan Sam Costume

Homemade Toucan Sam Costume

This is our 2 year old, Sam, in a Homemade Toucan Sam Costume. Every year (only 3 so far) he’s been something with “Sam” for Halloween. Sam I Am, SAMurai and now Toucan Sam! Made his hat out of foam sheets cut to look like the famous toucan. His shirt is a blue long sleeve … Read more

Coolest Vlasic Pickle Stork Costume

Homemade Vlasic Pickle Stork Costume

My costume is of the Vlasic Pickle Stork. It was extremely easy and cheap to make, just a little annoying with all the feathers. Most of the items were things that I already had around the house or they were items that I reused from past costumes. Here is how I created the homemade costume: … Read more

Homemade Ronald McDonald Costume

I enjoy coming up with great unique ideas for my children’s costumes and last year we decided on Hamburglar from McDonald’s! I couldn’t find a striped shirt and pants like I wanted so I used a solid black turtleneck that my son already had and bought a plain pair of black pants. I then used … Read more