Coolest Homemade Mr. Krabs Costume

Homemade Mr. Krabs Costume

This is a Homemade Mr. Krabs Costume. The frame is made of 15 foam pipe covers and hot glued together. Fabric is also hot glued and took maybe 12 to 15 hours to make and cost around 25 dollars to make.

Coolest Spongebob, Sandy, and Plankton Costumes

Coolest Spongebob, Sandy, and Plankton Costumes

I have three kids 3 and under (#4 is on the way in December). Since they were born I have made their Halloween costumes. I like to make them coordinating. We had Babe Lincoln, then Cookie Monster and Zoe, and last year with three we ended up with Spongebob, Sandy, and Plankton. My eldest son … Read more

Carboard Spongebob Costume

Homemade Spongebob Costume

The Spongebob costume is made of cardboard with wood reinforcements, a layer of fiber fill (the stuff you fill cushions with), and felt (yellow, brown, and white). There are two padded beams going through the suit allowing it to sit comfortably on my shoulders. The facial features I made on the computer and printed them … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spongebob Halloween Costume

Homemade Spongebob Halloween Costume

I made this Homemade Spongebob Halloween Costume for my 3 year old daughter who absolutely loves Spongebob. I made it out of a box and materials from a craft store. Most of it is made from felt and glued on with fast grab tacky glue.

Coolest Spongebob DIY Halloween Costume

Homemade Spongebob DIY Halloween Costume

This Spongebob DIY Halloween Costume is my own take on the ones I’ve seen here. Used a full-sized foam mattress pad, flipped over to the flat side. Spray painted in krylon’s “sun yellow”, glued together using Scotch Super 77 and Elmer’s Craft Bond (nail polish remover gets it off your fingers). Foam sheets bought at … Read more

Coolest Sponge Bob and Jellyfish Couple Costume

Coolest Sponge Bob and Jellyfish Couple Costume 11

Sponge Bob was made from a refrigerator box that was cut to size. With legs he was 7 feet tall. Most of the covering is made from felt that was attached with spray on craft glue. His mouth is the viewing window and is made from solar screen. His eyes are paper plates covered in … Read more