Coolest Smurfs Group Costume

Homemade Smurfs Group Costume

The tights for all 3 Smurfs were bought online. Color medium blue. We used a grease facepaint, but had to mix two shades of blue to match the tights. The Smurf hats were bought. Smurfette’s shoes were platform disco shoes from the Halloween store, the dress she owned. Brainy was carrying around a real nice … Read more

Smurfette Costume

Smurfette Costume

I was so tired of finding nothing but trampy costumes for women. I wanted something cute and creative. So I created this Smurfette costume for our Halloween party last year. I was a huge fan of the Smurfs growing up and thought this would be fun to create. I made the hat out of fleece. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Smurfette Halloween Costume

Homemade Smurfette Halloween Costume

My boss gets us tickets every year for the Goodwill GridIron Halloween Charity Event hosted by the Baltimore Ravens. I wanted to wear a unique costume this year, and a Homemade Smurfette Halloween Costume popped into my head. My mother made the dress, hat and a pair of bloomers to wear underneath out of fleece … Read more

Coolest Papa Smurf and Smurfette Couple Costume

Homemade Papa Smurf and Smurfette Couple Costume

My name is Molly aka Smurfette. In September 2011 my boyfriend and I saw the new Smurf movie that came out. After we got out of the theater we were so pumped because I suggested that we have to dress up like Papa Smurf and Smurfette for Halloween. I went through many painful stages in … Read more

Cool Papa Smurf and Smurfette Costume

Papa Smurf and Smurfette Costume

My husband and I love to dress up and strive to be the best costume in town every year. My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was four or five years old and since then have always made my own Halloween costumes. This year’s Papa Smurf and Smurfette costume was by far my … Read more

Coolest Homemade Papa Smurf Costume

Homemade Papa Smurf Costume

Our homemade Papa Smurf Costume consists of a long-sleeved blue shirt and blue gloves, cotton balls attached to his face to create a beard, red jogging pants and a blue tail made from yarn. His hat is cut out and sewn into a little curved point, just like the Smurfs wear!

Coolest Kids Smurf Costumes

Homemade Kids Smurf Costumes

I really enjoy making my children’s costumes. After seeing my kids watch The Smurfs a million times, I knew exactly what they would be for Halloween. Smurfette: I used an old summer white dress, cut out a flower from felt and placed a blue circle in the middle. (taken from a leftover piece of Brainy’s … Read more

Coolest Papa Smurf Halloween Costume

Papa Smurf Halloween Costume

I found the red pants at a thrift store and then used a blue tank top I already owned. The hat is made of felt and stuffed with cotton that was left over from making pillows. I painted the beard on first with white grease paint then filled the rest in with blue grease paint … Read more

Cool Homemade Smurfette Costume

Homemade Smurfette Costume

Smurfette is blue – she has the blue long-sleeved shirt, blue gloves and blue stockings to create this effect. She has her cute little hat which was cut out of the same material as her dress. False hair was attached under the hat to give Smurfette the blonde hair. I made her tail out of … Read more

Coolest Smurfette and Handy Smurf Costumes

Homemade Smurfette and Handy Smurf Costumes

Starting these Homemade Smurfette and Handy Smurf Costumes from the top down: The hat is easiest to make out of a stretch Terry fabric (this one is made from an old baby towel). This way, it stretches to fit your head and doesn’t look as stiff as some of the other Smurf hats I have … Read more

Coolest Smurfette Homemade Costume

Coolest Smurfette Costume

I love to make creations, and since Halloween is one of my favorite things to celebrate in life I enjoyed creating. I thought what could I do that would be fabulous, of course a Smurfette Costume. I made the entire costume from the hat to the dress and of course I bought the perfect shoes. … Read more

Coolest Smurf Adult Couple Halloween Costume

Homemade Smurf Adult Couple Halloween Costume

Homemade Smurfette Halloween costume: * Bought white dress on clearance at Walmart * Bought white flats on clearance at Walmart * Had blue 3/4 length sleeve shirt * Made hat out of white felt – cut out the shape sewed together and stuffed with batting * Bought yellow wig online * Wore blue tights * … Read more

Coolest Smurf Family Costume

Homemade Smurf Family Costume

This is our Homemade Smurf Family Costume. Shannon is Papa Smurf, Alicia is Smurfette, Brandon is Brainy Smurf complete with glasses, Brady is Handy Smurf, complete with overalls and his handy dandy pencil, and Stewie is none other than the puppy Smurf.

Smurfette Homemade Costume

Smurfette Costume

This Smurfette costume was very, very simple. I bought a cheap white t-shirt. Then I bought some white burlap from a fabric store and cut the bottom in a wavy pattern. I cut some big holes in the top layer of fabric so it looked like eyelet, and had maybe 2 or 3 layers so … Read more

Coolest DIY Smurf Couple Halloween Costume

Homemade DIY Smurf Couple Halloween Costume

We used blue body paint to paint our body and face. It took a few hours to paint our bodies. For the hat, we used white felt fabric and traced a template and sewed it. It could take a few tries with the template to get the shape just right. For Smurfette’s hair, we used … Read more

Coolest Smurf Costume

Smurf Costumes

Our community has a Halloween Costume contest every year. We had seven employees in our office and wanted everyone to dress in a theme. Since everyone in the office was old enough to remember the 80’s when the Smurfs were popular it was an easy choice. Each Smurf costume was less than $20.00 to put … Read more

Coolest Homemade Smurfs Group Costume

Homemade Smurfs Group Costume

We have seen a great variety of Smurf costumes but the best were those that used paint rather than material for the blue. Here is how we made our cool Smurfs Group Costume. The key ingredient to this Homemade Smurfs Group Costume was liquid latex. We had to order it online and learned that one … Read more

Awesome Homemade Smurfs Group Costume

Smurfs Costume

As with any kid who grew up in the 80’s I was a fan of the Smurfs and what better way to pay tribute to the classic cartoon than to be dressed in the Smurfs costume. As you can see we have Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy smurf and Taylor smurf. All of the pants for … Read more

Pretty DIY Smurfette Costume

Smurfette Costume

This Smurfette costume was pretty easy to pull off. I got the little white dress and yellow wig at a thrift store, and the blue tights and blue body paint at a Halloween supply store. I made the hat from cutting and sewing an old white t-shirt and stuffing the top.

Coolest Homemade Smurfette, Brainy and Handy Smurf Costumes

Homemade Smurfette, Brainy and Handy Smurf Costumes

These were our homemade Smurfette, Brainy and Handy Smurf costumes. Items needed for these costumes were: – white winter caps – 3 pairs of long thermal underpants – 1 pack of big and tall white socks – blue long sleeve shirt – blue stretch gloves – 2 tubes of blue paint per person – one … Read more

Cute Smurfs Costume

Smurfs Costume

We decided to dress in a Smurfs costume for this summer for our yearly trip our closest festival. It took a bit of hunting for my red jeans but I got there. The hats are widely available on eBay then I covered it in a old red t-shirt for papa’s hat. Blue body paint is … Read more

Coolest Homemade Smurfette Costume

Homemade Smurfette Costume

I found this website and I thought it would be the cutest costume to be Smurfette! Every year at work we have a costume contest, I won runner up for Best Overall. I got the stockings from Target. I bought two pairs, one for legs and then my mother cut the other pair, attached them … Read more

Coolest Smurfs Costume

Smurfs Group Costume

My friends and I decided to go in a Smurfs costume for Halloween. None of us sew so the glue gun is our best friend! We bought some thick foam and cut out the shape of the smurf hat, glued the two pieces together and then covered them with a white flannel sheet. We also … Read more