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Coolest 50+ Homemade Smurfs Costumes

Have a Smurfy Halloween with these awesome homemade costumes! Step out of your mushroom house and take a look at the coolest collection of Smurfs costumes.

To paint your skin or not to paint your skin for your homemade costume, that is the question. It’s a crazy cool look but might require intense scrubbing post-Halloween. If you would rather not be covered in blue body paint, check out the cool papier mache DIY costume here.

Dress as the most famous girl Smurf, Smurfette. Her simple white dress is not difficult to create for an instantly recognizable homemade costume.

In addition, some Smurfs here have had a Halloween makeover. For instance, the zombie Smurf costume is fantastically appropriate for the holiday. Another idea is an evil wizard Gargemel costume.

So, as you browse through these fun homemade Smurfs costumes, don’t forget to have a Smurfy day!



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