Coolest Homemade Patty and Selma Twins Costumes

Homemade Patty and Selma Twins Costumes

My Mum & Auntie are twin sisters and decided to go in Patty and Selma Twins Costumes from the Simpsons! They bought the wigs and made the rest of the costumes out of clothing and shoes they had themselves! They painted their skin yellow! They both had given up smoking so they passed on the … Read more

Coolest Maggie Simpson Costume

Nayeli ala Maggie Simpson Costume

We are HUGE Simpsons fans and here’s our homemade Maggie Simpson costume. We started off with a basic bunting pattern that was easy to sew and we found the perfect shade of Maggie blue. In the same pattern sheet was a beanie that took a few more attempts but I finally got it, be careful … Read more

Coolest Homer and Marge Couple Costume

Homemade Homer and Marge Couple Costume

I was 7 months pregnant during the last Halloween season and was having a very hard time coming up with a “cool” idea for my husband and I (I am a Halloween fanatic and my husband is a great sport). We finally agreed on “a Homemade Homer and Marge Couple Costume ” so I got … Read more

Coolest Simpsons “Radioactive Man” Costume

Simpsons Radioactive Man Costume

Who doesn’t like The Simpsons! Well anyone can go to a Halloween store and buy a Simpsons costume to wear. Not me though. I have to take it one step further. So this time, I went with my buddy to a store and bought only the masks for Radioactive Man, and Moe Syzlak. The cheesy … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Group Costume

Simpsons Group Costume

We are all big Simpsons fans, and while looking around for costumes at a store we found a Homer mask and decided it was a must do! Making Homer was pretty easy – we found the mask at Target, all the other clothes were pretty easy and he already had most of them. We did … Read more

Coolest Homemade Marge Simpson Costume

Homemade Marge Simpson Costume

I am a HUGE Simpson’s fan and make a Simpson costume every year but this year’s homemade Marge Simpson costume was by far my favourite and the coolest ever! The hair is chicken wire and cotton batting for quilting. I hot-glued the batting to the frame and lined the inside with black fabric. I also … Read more

Cool Simpsons Couple Costume

Simpsons Couple Costume

We were struggling to find a fun couples costume that we could make ourselves and had a great idea for a Simpsons couple costume. We used face paint, a bald cap, wigs, fake eyelashes, etc. The costumes came out great and WON “Best Costume” at the party… Most of the outfit for Marge and Homer … Read more

Coolest Homemade Marge Simpson Adult Costume

Homemade Marge Simpson Adult Costume

On the Monday before Halloween, I decided I was going to make my costume this year. On Tuesday, I decided to be Marge Simpson. Here is how I pulled off the Homemade Marge Simpson Adult Costume! I bought some lime green fleece from a fabric store for $6.00 and sewed that into a strapless dress, … Read more

Coolest Simpsons Couple Costume

Homemade Simpsons Couple Costume

My husband and I decided to go as Marge and Homer Simpson to a Halloween Party (which was 80’s themed). I had looked and looked to try to figure out what to do and I saw your sight and loved the idea. I had to give it a try. It was a great hit, our … Read more