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Coolest 40+ Homemade Rainbow Brite Costumes

The colorful 80’s icon is back and more dazzling than ever. Embrace her vivid look with these super fun Rainbow Brite costumes. Take a look at the collection below of the best homemade costumes you can make for Halloween.

Who knew Rainbow Brite’s shiny blue dress was so versatile? You will see so many convincing homemade costumes below that come in all sizes. They come with amazing DIY costume tutorials so you can easily make them at home.

While this is an adorable DIY costume idea for a child, it’s even better for a nostalgia-filled adult. If you had Rainbow Brite dolls and assorted paraphernalia as a child, you will absolutely love these homemade costumes.

In addition, you can turn this into a couple costume with a happy Sprite costume companion. Also, you will see example of people who have created amazing costume accessories such as a candy bucket Sprite.

So brighten up your Halloween with these awesome Rainbow Brite costumes!

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