Coolest Dr. Zoidburg from Futurama Costume

Homemade Dr. Zoidburg from Futurama Costume

This Dr. Zoidburg from Futurama Costume is very easy and very impressive to others. We got the lab coat and scrubs from a store, but the face and claws had to be constructed from scratch. We took a red binny hat and stretched it over his face. Marked where the eye, nose and mouth holes … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bender and Leela from FUTURAMA Costumes

Homemade Bender and Leela from FUTURAMA Costumes

This is our Homemade Bender and Leela from FUTURAMA Costumes. I am an artist and constructed the Bender out of foam and shiny fabric. Eyes are hard Styrofoam painted yellow and teeth (where I see through) is a plastic grid used for weaving that works well for seeing through. It took me about a month, … Read more

Coolest Binder Costume

Homemade Binder Costume

For Halloween I decided to make a Homemade Binder Costume from Futurama. It was one of the more expensive costumes for me to make but it was more than worth it and all the trips to home depot for supplies! The body is made of a cement pillar casting from home depot, which I cut … Read more

Coolest Slurms Costume

Coolest Slurms Costume 11

This is my homemade costume of one the funniest “Futurama” characters ever; Slurms Mckenzie!! Whimmy Wham Wham Wozzle!!

Coolest Futurama President Nixon’s Head in a Jar Costume

Coolest Futurama President Nixon's Head in a Jar Costume 12

On the headless body of Spiro Agnew! I’m a big fan of the Futurama series, and have been thinking about doing a head-in-a-jar costume for a few years. The biggest problem was finding the clear plastic cylinder, I spent a few days emailing various plastic manufacturers online and local on getting an acrylic cylinder, most … Read more

Coolest Leela from Futurama Costume

Homemade Leela from Futurama Costume

This Leela from Futurama Costume was surprisingly easy to make once we figured out how to construct the eye. Leela is a cyclops. So we took some safety glasses and popped the plastic lenses out of them so we would just have the frames. Then we took some white needle point board, the kind with … Read more

Coolest DIY Futurama Couple Halloween Costumes

DIY Futurama Couple Halloween Costumes

These incredibly quick DIY Futurama couple Halloween costumes were a life saver at this year’s Halloween Party. Leela costume – Hair: Purple wig from costume store: $13 Clothes: White tank-top (already had), Black Cargo pants (already had), Black Boots (already had) Armband: Thick white foam board spray painted silver with foam cut-out buttons, also spray … Read more

Last Minute Costume Ideas

I didn’t even know who Zoidberg was until my boyfriend told me that he was going to be him for Halloween right after we met. So I was wondering how he was going to do it and I had a few last minute costume ideas for him. I ordered a Lab Coat from or … Read more

Last Minute Costume Ideas

These are our incredibly simple last minute costume ideas that earned us many wows and looks at our Halloween parties. For anyone who has seen the once-canceled soon-to-be-revived show Futurama the costumes are plainly and obviously awesome! The Fry costume: This turned out to be very easy. I already owned the converse shoes and the … Read more

Coolest Bender from Futurama Costume

Homemade Bender from Futurama Costume

I built this Bender from Futurama costume from scratch, mostly stuff from a surplus supply store, Lowes and Hobby Lobby. It took me 2 weeks to complete working on it every day after work. I actually see through the teeth area, and the top of the antenna is 7’10” tall. There is a battery operated … Read more