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Coolest 75+ Homemade Poison Ivy Costumes

If botany with an evil twist is your thing, you will love these awesome Poison Ivy costumes. Channel one of the world’s top eco-terrorists with this collection of homemade costumes. Take a look at the tutorials to create a verdant DIY costume of your own this Halloween.

Wrap yourself in leaves as the villainous Poison Ivy. Discover the clever ways people have garbed themselves in green. From hot gluing fake leaves to a bathing suit to creating shimmering green dresses and more.  Also, you will find many sexy versions of this DIY costume. If that’s your thing.

In addition, pair yourself with a Batman costume for a sizzling couple costume. Or go with Poison Ivy’s partner in trouble, Harley Quinn.

So, bring out your inner villain with these leafy Poison Ivy costumes. Try one this Halloween and share your homemade costume with us here!

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