Batman Costume #4

I love Super Heroes. So this Halloween I decided go for a Batman costume. While the costume cost around $35, $20 of it was spent on the mask. I decided to get the mask from the Batman and Robin movie, not Batman Begins. It fits me better and was $12 cheaper. The grey material I … Read more

Coolest Batman Costume

Homemade Batman Costume

I put together this Batman costume for a relatively small investment of about a hundred bucks. The mask is a party store knock off which I slit up the back and put in laces to get a more snug fit. The belt is made of cigarette cases and wired together on a ladies belt all … Read more

Batman Costume #3

Once again it was time for the Halloween contest and my son wanted to be the same thing as every other little boy…BATMAN! I knew that his sister had a winning costume so if he wanted a Batman costume that was fine. But he had to at least have the Batmobile to go with it. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Batman Monster Truck Costume

Homemade Batman Monster Truck Costume

My 2 year old son has become obsessed with Monster Jam trucks in the last few months and so I decided that for Halloween this year he should be his favorite Monster truck which is Batman. To make the Homemade Batman Monster Truck Costume the following materials are needed: 1 — Hot wheel monster truck … Read more

Batman Costume

My son Jamal was invited to a three year olds superhero party. He was only 7 months old so there was nowhere to buy a costume for him. I had some spare black material so we decided to dress him up as Batman. We made little satin black trousers and top. We traced the batman … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dark Knight Batman Costume

Homemade Dark Knight Batman Costume

This is my entirely homemade 2009 Dark Knight Batman costume. The main materials used in the making of this costume are paper, fiberglass and aluminum. The cowl is a paper base that is siliconed together with several layers of fiberglass resin to make the cowl hard. It is finished with bondo and a latex flat … Read more

Batman Costume

For this costume I used a pattern I bought off Ebay for the general design of the jumpsuit, cape, and briefs. The decoration and details of the Batman costume were all my creation. Aidan loves Batman, so I knew I could come up with a better quality batman costume than those sold at stores. I … Read more