Coolest Do it Yourself Peacock Halloween Costume

Homemade Do it Yourself Peacock Halloween Costume

This Do it Yourself Peacock Halloween Costume was inspired by my daughter, Savannah, who loves peacocks. The dress was a piece of a princess outfit that she had worn a few years before, but everything else is homemade. I purchased two items from the Dollar Store, the angel wings and the hat with a beak … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cannibal Chicken Costume

Homemade Cannibal Chicken Costume

This Homemade Cannibal Chicken Costume is quite simply a chicken who likes to eat chicken. A cannibal chicken! The Lector mask with the rubber chicken nose attached to it, KFC bucket,(for the Halloween candy), and the chicken leg in hand give it that extra special touch. To make this costume, you need a solid color … Read more

Coolest Homemade Flock of Sheep Group Costume

Homemade Flock of Sheep Group Costume

For Halloween a group of us decided on a Homemade Flock of Sheep Group Costume. I mean when else could you have an opportunity to bah at people? So for the costumes we bought white t-shirts, shorts the girls, pants the boys, black tights, white cotton fluff, glue, small bells, black felt, white bandannas, long … Read more

Cool Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume

Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume

Well to start, I have to thank my friend Kieu who decided to have this Animal themed party. If it wasn’t for her I would have never attempted to make a Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume. I also have to thank my husband Steve who put up with my lack of confidence and hours working on … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cat Costume

Homemade Cat Costume

I went to Cat’s website to get idea to make cat costume and I got an idea for a Homemade Cat Costume. You need black joggings, some fur (like boa), wig, its a hardest part and paint you face. I have a nice cat, so it was easy for me. And of curse, you need … Read more

Pretty Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume

Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume

As soon as I heard my girlfriend was going to have a Halloween costume party, I started my search for the perfect costume. After many hours on the internet, I had found nothing. It was all the same overly priced, cheaply made, extremely revealing costumes-in-a-bag. I wanted to be tastefully sexy, not trashy. I finally … Read more

Coolest Blue Turtle Costume

Homemade Blue Turtle Costume

My daughter had to dress up as her favorite character from a book for literacy week at school. She chose the book “Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo” and wanted to be the turtle. She wanted the turtle to be blue. So for her Blue Turtle costume I took a wire wreath frame and covered … Read more

Cool Homemade Flamingo Costume

Homemade Flamingo Costume

I made this Homemade Flamingo Costume for a party themed “Lost in the Wild”. I designed the skirt making the base with hooped cardboard and cellophane and elastic waist. Then hot-glued the crepe paper/cellophane feathers on. The beak is made from cardboard stuck on a headband. I got the idea from the film Eagle vs … Read more

Original Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume

Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume

This Pretty Peacock Costume was my 2008 costume which I decided I’m going to wear again this year, only elaborate on. It was completed in two days, and was a hit the night I wore it. I began by sewing the bustier from an old pattern. I used a gorgeous peacock blue, and a gold … Read more

Cool Homemade Tiger Costume

Homemade Tiger Costume

I printed off a tiger pattern for my Homemade Tiger Costume, went out and bought orange, yellow, white and black face paint. My sister and I are both artists, so I drew out the design on a small drawing of me and let my sister paint me. The white was sponged on first, then the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Peacock Costume for a Girl

Homemade  Peacock Costume

I made this Peacock Costume for my daughter Ashley. You start with a basic crushed velvet leotard and sew on approx. 5,000 sequins beads. Then hot glue the feathers in rows you can choose any color feathers you’d like. We ordered real peacock feathers. Take Styrofoam circle and paint it black, and attach Velcro to … Read more

Pretty DIY Peacock Halloween Costume for a Girl

Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume

To make this peacock costume, I took a blue dress and ordered some peacock feathers from EBay which was a lot cheaper than going to a local craft shop. I then took a round flat piece of Styrofoam and, using the same fabric color as the dress, covered the Styrofoam and stuck the feathers in … Read more