Autumn Yarn Homemade Lion Costume

Autumn Yarn Homemade Lion Costume

This is my twelve year-old girl dressed in her autumn yarn homemade lion costume. She wanted to be a cute lion instead of a realistic fur lion. Homemade Lion Costume Instructions I used tie died fleece for the head and body. I enlarged a vintage mask pattern for the head. She wanted a really BIG … Read more

Super Cute Lion Toddler Costume

Super Cute Lion Toddler Costume

Our family had just left the local zoo where my 3yr old daughter shockingly changed her mind about dressing up as Princess Elsa to going as a beautiful peacock instead for Halloween. It was a very productive outing I must say – in the short time we were there, it was decided that Mommy and … Read more

Coolest MGM Lion Logo Costume

Coolest MGM Lion Logo Costume

When deciding on a costume for Halloween, I always try to go with something that plays off my own look.  With my naturally curly hair, and colouring, I decided it would make a great lion’s mane.  But I didn’t want to be just any old lion.  I wanted to be a famous lion!! So I … Read more

Coolest Lioness And Safari Hunter Costume

Lioness and Safari Hunter Costume

Last year we purchased a lion costume for our 2 year old. I love family costumes so I knew that we had to do something to match his adorable costume. For the lioness I purchased a tan velour jump suit, and cream colored slippers. I went the craft store and got any thing that looked … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Baby Costume

Homemade Lion Baby Costume

My 10 month old, Riley, is always roaring and pouncing, so we decided to make him a lion for his first Halloween. I thought about buying a costume but I couldn’t find anything I really liked for a decent price. I, therefore, set to making this homemade Lion costume. The costume was made using fabric … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Costume

Homemade Lion Costume

I really wanted this adorable lion costume for my sons first Halloween. However there was absolutely no way I was paying $100 for it. I looked at the costume for weeks before I decided to just go for it and make my own homemade lion costume. I bought fleece and fake fur fabrics from the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Adult Male Lion Costume

Homemade Adult Male Lion Costume

My boyfriend does like costume parties, and he does like Halloween, but he doesn’t always like thinking up the ideas in advance. A couple of months before Halloween, I had already figured out what I wanted to be and had started working on my costume. Therefore, I started bugging him to do the same. Eventually, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz Costume

Homemade Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz Costume

My children decided they wanted the family to do the Wizard of OZ theme this year for Halloween. After checking out store bought costumes I decided I could make a much better homemade Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz costume for a much cheaper price. First I bought a cheap tan sweatsuit with a hood … Read more

Coolest Lion in Cage Costume

Homemade Lion in Cage Costume

Grrr. There is a very scary lion in this cage! Do not feed! Lion will attack! This costume was for Zoo Day at my school. Materials: BIG cardboard box Tubes that are used on large paper rolls (talk to any store that carried large paper rolls) Orange boa Orange, black, and yellow paint Ivy Computer … Read more

Lion Costume #6

For my son’s first adventure with trick-or-treating I decided to make him a lion costume. His room has two murals of African animals so I thought this was perfect. I purchased tan fleece for the pants, top and hood and brown felt for the mane around the head. I also purchased fleece for the mane … Read more

Lion Costume #2

I made this lion costume for my oldest son (pictured with the blue eyes) for his first Halloween in 2004. His “love” was (and still is) a lion so I thought it’d be fun to make his costume a lion as well. I used a pattern, tan fleece and five 5-1/2 yards of ribbon. (Yes … Read more

Lion Costume #3

I made my son this Lion costume for his first Halloween using a Simplicity pattern #3594. Instead of putting bands on the sleeves I put elastic because that was easier. Also I used the “eyelash” type of yarn for the mane which gave it more of a “fur” look. I was expecting it to be … Read more

Lion Costume #4

I made the very furry lion costume but decided to make a back up in case it was a bit warmer and the fur one would be too hot. This one was very easy even for a beginner. I bought polar fleece material that was on sale for $4, a pattern that was on sale … Read more

Lion Costume #5

I came up with the idea for a lion costume after seeing the Tom Arma costumes. After I told my 14 month old son that a lion says “roar!” and he copied I knew that was what his costume would be. I couldn’t believe the prices for the costumes so I decided I could make … Read more

Lion Costume #7

I came up with this costume idea last year when my grandson was 1-year old and too small for a standard costume. I figured this year he could probably pull it off so I made it and I am so glad I did because he looks so cute.

Coolest Lion Costume

Luke the Baby Lion Costume

Luke is an 8 month old living in Wichita, KS. He has been crawling for 2 months now, and has quite the cute growl…..that was the inspiration for this costume! His mommy made him a lion costume, complete with faux fur body suit, tail and mane. The feet were reinforced with quilting batting to make … Read more

Lion Costume #8

One day, I was just browsing through the costumes at the local thrift shop. I came across a short lion costume (no legs, no arms, just a body with tail and hood). It was only $6, so I bought it. Originally, I had planned to just allow my daughter to use it as a costume … Read more

Cool Homemade Lion Costume

Homemade Lion Costume

This Homemade Lion Costume is a simple PJ pattern out of fake fur for the body. Loops of polar fleece attached to a detachable collar fill out the mane. More polar fleece loops attached around the ears for the main mane. A long tail with bells and a bow fill out the costume – that’s … Read more

The Coolest Homemade Boy Lion Costume

Homemade Boy Lion Costume

This homemade boy lion costume was originally made for a costume-party my daughter was invited to when she was 7, and was meant to be a mouse-costume. That was what she requested, a mouse-costume with a long tail,and also what she got. She was very pleased and it made a success at the party, as … Read more

Coolest Lion Costume

Homemade Lion Costume

I go to the University of Winchester in the UK and for one night out my class decided to make the theme- circus. I knew that most people would turn up as clowns and I wanted to be something different so I decided to go in a Homemade Lion Costume. I’m a poor student so … Read more