Coolest Homemade Flamingo Costume

Homemade Flamingo Costume

For our brother’s 21st birthday we decided to have an Animal Party Pub Crawl. I couldn’t find an animal costume that I loved enough to buy so I decided to be original and make my own! I found a pattern for a child’s homemade flamingo costume that I thought was really cute – when cutting … Read more

Coolest Flamingo Girl’s Homemade Halloween Costume Idea

Flamingo Girl's Homemade Halloween Costume Idea

Since my other daughter wanted to be a Peacock my daughter thought to keep with a theme and she picked a Flamingo. I searched for a Flamingo Girl’s Homemade Halloween Costume Idea but came up with nothing. I figured if I can make a peacock costume then I can make a flamingo too. I started … Read more

Coolest DIY Flamingo Costume

Homemade Flamingo Costume

I made this homemade flamingo costume for my daughter when she was 3. We have done homemade animal costumes for all of her Halloweens and have been on a bird theme for the past three years (see parrot section for her 4 year old costume.) I started with a leotard and added 63 feet of … Read more

Coolest Baby Flamingo DIY Costume

Baby Flamingo DIY Costume

So I bought my daughter some puppets and her favorite one was the flamingo. This poor flamingo puppet endured many, many, beak biting sessions from my 10 & 1/2 month old. She constantly slobbered all over this poor birds beak and I would have to hide him from her so he could dry out. So … Read more

Cute Flamingo Homemade Costume

Homemade Flamingo Costume

I bought a corset and glued all sorts of pink feathers (from Hobby Lobby) to the corset for this Flamingo Costume. I bought pink tights from Target, and cut feather boas to glue in the inside of the tights, kind of making a skirt. I made the back of the “skirt” longer than the front … Read more

Coolest Palm Treen and Flamingo Costumes

Homemade Palm Treen and Flamingo Costumes

My three year old daughter really wanted to be a flamingo so she could dye her hair pink. Once that was established we had to come up with a costume for her younger sister. Nothing fit better than a little palm tree. What a cute pair! We were missing the ocean and east coast out … Read more

Coolest Homemade Flamingo Halloween Costume

Homemade Flamingo Halloween Costume

I got this idea for a Homemade Flamingo Halloween Costume from a parrot costume but for me the parrot wasn’t absurd enough. I decided to play off my own natural attributes (be long and gangley) and opted to make a flamingo. I work at a fabric store and we had this awesome pink fabric that … Read more

Coolest Pink Flamingo Adult Costume

Coolest Pink Flamingo Adult Costume

I wanted to be a bird, but something semi-sexy and functional so I made this Pink Flamingo Adult Costume. The top and bottom are a pair of tights and running shirt. I took a feather boas, cut into a few sections and glued them to a pair of boxers. I cut some felt into a … Read more

Coolest Flamingo DIY Costume

Homemade Flamingo Costume

Everything on this Homemade Flamingo Costume is completely handmade and bought at either Hobby Lobby or Joann’s. The body suit is made from pink panne fabric. I found this very good to work with because it’s stretchy so I didn’t have to make the measurements exactly right. The skirt is a variation of a tutu … Read more

Coolest Homemade King and Queen Couple Costume

Homemade King and Queen Couple Costume

I made the dogs costume using a pattern for the outfit but the chair I just took foam and covered it leaving a hole in the back so my dog could fit through. I made fake legs and bought some cheap shoes. I just made my own pattern for the legs. I stuffed them and … Read more