Dog Costumes

After enjoying a year of extended-by-me maternity leave, funds were low and my husband begged me not to go overboard for my baby’s first Halloween. Realistically, it wasn’t really going to show anyways since he’d be riding in his stroller and I had to put a blanket over him (a cool windy night had been … Read more

Dog Costumes

Dog costumes are so cute! With this costume my son won 1st prize at his school. I dressed him in brown pants and t-shirt that he already owned. Next, I made a hood with ears that attached at the neck with Velcro. A grosgrain ribbon was added for the collar. I put a little black … Read more

Dog Costumes

My roommate and I have been creating our own original costumes for 4 years now and entering the costume contests. We tried looking online for a picture of a hydrant costume (so that we had some ideas on how to create it), but no luck there. For dog costumes you can use an old white … Read more

Dog Costumes

Because I have twins I tried to think of costumes that would go together, but would also be unique and out of the ordinary. I came up with the idea of a Dalmatian dog and a fire hydrant. I am not sure where the idea came from, but it was fun to do. I simply … Read more

Dog Costumes

The Dalmation costume was made with a furry fabric and the ears were lined with a soft pink poly/cotton blend. I found the pattern for this costume at our local fabric store. I just made a few modifications (the red ribbon).

Dog Costumes

This type of costume is and easy crowd pleaser!! All this outfit needs is about 10 dollars and a little cute munchkin. All you do is buy a white sweat suit, and color black dots on it, I used old white Keds and painted them too. I used an old stuffed animal and cut off … Read more

Coolest Pick Of The Litter Costume

Savannah Rose Panting as the Pick of the Litter Costume

This pick of the litter costume was a fun costume and very easy to make. I went to the dollar store and found a bunch of stuffed puppies and a Dalmatian mask. I took one of Savannah Rose’s white turtle neck shirts and colored Black spots all over it. I cut out the bottom of … Read more

Cool Puppies for Sale Costume

Homemade Puppies for Sale Costume

We dressed her up as a puppy by using a black sweatshirt and adding patches of faux fur, white and brown. We added faux fur ears as well and then the rest in black (shoes & pants). We got a box and covered it with brown paper after poking holes into it that will hold … Read more

Coolest Homemade Puppies for Sale Halloween Costume

Homemade Puppies for Sale Halloween Costume

This is our Homemade Puppies for Sale Halloween Costume. Take a cardboard box and paint the words “Puppies for Sale” on it. Attach stuffed puppies inside the box, arranging them so they peek out. You can also paint your face to look like a puppy. Hope you like the idea!

Coolest Puppies for Sale Costume

Homemade Puppies for Sale Costume

We have a dog and my eight year old girl is a big dog lover and she really wanted a dogs costume this year. We surfed the internet and decided “Puppies for sale” would be a great theme. We saw lots of great ideas on your site and those were our inspiration to the costume. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Toddler Girl Puppy Costume

Homemade Toddler Girl Puppy Costume

My 21-month-old daughter loves dogs. Every time she sees a dog she yells, “puppy! puppy!” When she sees a new kind of animal and she doesn’t know the name for it yet, she says “puppy!” So it was pretty obvious what she should be for Halloween. I went looking online for ideas of a Homemade … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dog Costume

Homemade Dog Costume

This Dog Costume was my first homemade costume, but pretty easy to do. I started with a brown sweatsuit which included a hooded sweatshirt. I hand stitched khaki colored felt cut in random, free flowing shapes, all over the sweatshirt and pants. The ears were made of brown and khaki felt. Using fabric glue, I … Read more