Coolest Homemade Ipod Dancers Costume

Ipod Dancers

We decided to dress up as Ipod dancers. One day I was in the store and saw the Itunes gift card and noticed the Ipod dancers on the card. I thought it would be a neat idea to look like the silhouettes dancing in the Ipod commercials and on the gift cards. We dressed in … Read more

Homemade Sapphire Necklace Costume

Sapphire Necklace Costume

My daughter’s birthstone is a sapphire, but the type of gem can easily be changed by using a different color paper. (Purple=amythest, red=ruby, green=emerald, etc.) We started with a piece of cardboard (18 x 13 inches, for a larger person use a bigger piece), then cut the corners to make a gem shape. Next use … Read more

What are YOU most afraid of Costumes?


My mom would say snakes because she thinks they’re gross and slimy. My dad would say spiders because he got stuck underneath a trailer as a kid and had them crawling all over him. My parents went to a party where you were supposed to dress as what you’re most afraid of. M y mom … Read more

Homemade Prom Night Dumpster Baby Costume

Homemade Prom Night  Dumpster Baby Costume

I wanted to do something funny for Halloween instead of the usual sexy costume- so I decided to do the most inappropriate thing I could think of. I used an old formal dress and red paint (I used acrylic which I don’t suggest because it hardened) and splattered paint over the bottom of the dress. … Read more

Homemade 80’s Aerobics Instructor Costume


My little one is a BIG fan of the old 80’s exercise get ups. I found a shirt at a discount store that looked good. I cut off the collar, sleeves and bottom. I used the bottom strip for her headband. I found a thin belt at a thrift shop and picked up the leg … Read more