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Coolest DIY Couples Cat Dog Halloween Costume

We had so much fun making this Cat Dog Halloween costume! My girlfriend And I LOVE 90s cartoons. What better way to show that than to dress up as one for Halloween… Cat Dog was the winner.

This was a last minute decision because we had another idea so our Cat Dog Halloween costume took approximately 2 days!

We found large mustard yellow shirts and brown fabric paint. We used a solo cup to dip into the paint and make the circles! We then used paintbrushes to fill in the circles. While our shirts dried, we cut two arrows with ragged edges out of a poster board. We wrote “cat” on one and “dog“ on the other following the actual cartoon sign! We then used a hole punch at the top to tie a string in to wear the signs around!

She bought her dog ears (creativity isn’t her strongest quality) and I made my cat ears. My “cat ears” were originally deer ears at the dollar tree that I cut antlers off of and hot glued pink onto the front.

For our makeup, I drew a large black circle around her left eye and colored her nose purple. My makeup consisted of eyeliner whiskers and red lip stick on the nose. I wore my oversized shirt as a dress with mustard yellow socks and she wore hers with leggings!

We kept our Cat Dog Halloween costume a secret from our friends until the night we went to their party. Everyone was shocked and LOVED our costume. We then went out in the college town we lived in and multiple people walking down the street yelled “Cat Dog” or “I love your costumes” at us. A couple people even asked for pictures!

I must say, although our outfits didn’t take long to make, I loved the quality time We spent together being as creative as possible. We can’t wait to wear this costume again this week and think of something even better next year.

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