Castaway Couple Halloween Costume

It all started last year, we wanted to do it but didn’t have enough time. So this year we started early. Started growing my beard and planning in August. Beginning of October rolled around and we knew we had to start constructing the ball. We purchased a beach ball. It came in the mail and we put plastic wrap around it. We then started to paper mache. Layer after layer of newspaper for 2 weeks had got the job almost done. We then had to paint Wilson’s face and sketch the logo on the back, along with cutting holes for the head and arms. We did not paper mache all the way to the bottom of the ball.

Next we had to go to a fabric store to purchase Tom Hank’s character’s wardrobe. Also leaves and a wig were purchased. We we ready for our Halloween party at a crowded bar. Soon enough we knew we had a great costume, with dozens of people screaming out “Wilson” to us as we paraded around the bar.