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80+ Irresistible Homemade Candy Bars and Candy Costumes

Indulge with a mouthwatering treat in this delicious collection of candy and candy bar costumes! No one will be able to resist you in these luscious costumes.

The hardest part about this selection will be to decide which candy bar or candy you should be. But once you do, the only thing better than your favorite candy bars and candy will be making them into a gigantic version that you can wear.

It is thrilling to become your favorite sweet treat. And you can take your costume to the next level by handing out samples of your candy. Some costumes here have been made from actual wrappers. Just beware of people trying to eat your costume.

So, whether you are young or old, if you speak the language of a true candy lover, these delectable designs with delight you to your very core.

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Featured Candy Costumes

Coolest Skittles Group Costume

Coolest Skittles Group Costume 4

We got the idea to be Skittles for Halloween after someone found a picture on the internet of a girl dressed as a green Skittle. We decided we wanted to be different color Skittles, but make our dresses out of DUCT TAPE. In the end, it turned out to be an awesome idea even though our color scheme got ruined, and the dresses were a little uncomfortable by the end of the day. Read more »

Coolest Mike and Ike Couple Costume for Kids

Coolest Mike and Ike Couple Costume for Kids

Both of us absolutely love dressing up and wearing  creative costumes that we make ourselves. The ones from the store just don’t do it for us. We wanted to be something that “fit” together, so this box of candy took care of that. We were sharing a box of Mike and Ikes at recess, and the idea just came to us. We both immediately knew it was going to be the best, and that we certainly wouldn’t see anyone that looked like us at school or out trick or treating. Read more »