Buzz Lightyear Costume Created by Kevin from Grimshaw, Alberta

This Buzz Lightyear costume is actually quite easy to build. After finding something approximately the right dimensions I paper matched the pieces for the upper part of the body. I cut them down to the correct size and taped them together in the appropriate positions.

For the midriff I used some black material, stuffed it and sewed it up like doing large piping. The head portion is an old purple t-shirt. I actually stuffed my head into the arm hole to prevent it from slipping down.

The lower portion is an old pair of white pants. The wings are simply cardboard stapled to the torso portion (I took a stapler with me for needed rebuilding because everyone was grabbing the wings).After painting it I added the reflective tape to the upper part of the wings. I even used a 9 volt battery wired to a momentary contact switch, added a Christmas light and socket for the “laser”.

My Buzz Lightyear costume was fun to make and got a lot of attention.

Total Spent: $18