Coolest Homemade Bubble Gum Dream Machine Costume

I had this idea in my head for years, but didn’t have the ambition to put it together until this year.  I had a plan in my head and just envisioned a bag of balloons, a red skirt and hat and viola-a bubble gum machine.  I got the skirt at a second hand store and pinned it at the waist, so instead of floor length it went to knees.  I had a white shirt.  I bought the hat and added a silver foil circle at the top.

A friend said I should tape to bags inside of each other and fill with the balls instead of having to fill the gumball machine while I was wearing it.  That made it portable so I could drive without the balls.  I cut a hole for the head and arms, and slipped on over head.  The silver dispenser area is simply cardboard with foil and clear tape, and a flap that is tucked in my shirt.  Glue a ball on the chute, put a quarter in the slot and I am a gumball machine.  I handed out gumballs at work.

The costume cost $16.00, plus a quarter.   Easy to make, and fun to wear, got lots of compliments.